Thursday, July 15, 2010

A curious thing....

We got paid this week.  And I still have money!

I paid some bills (the ones that come out of the first paycheck of the month), put away 1/2 the money for the hospital bill, paid personal property taxes and car registration.  And we still have money!!

We need to do grocery shopping and gas the cars.  But other than that, the next set of bills come out of the next paycheck in 2 weeks.  And we still have money!!

We started putting money aside each paycheck for car stuff, and for our current savings goal.  And we still have money!

I am AMAZED at this.  No eating out and really watching the groceries is making a huge impact on the bottom line.  Much more so than I would have predicted.  I am very proud of us.

Gotta be careful though....don't want to spend grocery and gas money on repaying debt.  It is just so FREAKING exciting!!!  I can't wait for the car bill to be paid on the 21st to watch the numbers drop again.  And of course....paying the hospital bill in 2 weeks.....I am gonna frame that zero balance bill!!!!!


  1. Well done! Keep it up, and keep on sharing!

  2. Can we got a woot woot! WOOT WOOT!!! Way to go!! :D

  3. Thanks all!! I know that this isn't the same as curing world hunger or anything....but to still have enough money to get to the next paycheck....I am finally just a tiny bit above living paycheck to paycheck!

  4. Good for you! That is exciting!!! Keep it up

  5. On spending grocery money on debt: It's not so bad. Cereal is delicious. ;) Kidding!

    Congrats on having money!

  6. This is huge! Looks like your July experiment is a success! Even if you don't sacrifice eating out every month, you and G-man will be more aware of the impact on your finances when you do!

    Our food bill has been atrocious lately, by the way. Food is definitely huge budget busting material. I'll probably be posting some numbers soon. It's so sad. ;)

  7. @Red - ahhhhh, cereal for dinner. Can't do that with the kids on a regular basis though.

    @Jolyn - I think food has been a real eye opener in general. I mean, c' we realize how much junk we buy???

  8. good for you! I have been lurking since the beginning, and I have to say, I am proud of you! You and your DH have made wonderful progress- and I think you are doing great in the communication front. I know how hard it is to have those hard talks, and you seem to be making great strides! Way to go!

  9. Wooo! Go you!

    btw, I'm loving this blog... I may have to go through the entire thing...