Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The end is near....

All good things must come to an end.  Lost.....24 (although I don't watch this).....

And now....our desktop computer.

G-man texted me at work that our computer had bit the dust.  According to him, it shut down on its own, and wouldn't come back up.  He tried EVERYTHING (wait.....do you hear the sarcasm??).  Eventually he gave up and took out our ole antiquated lap top.

I came home, and the computer started right up.  HMMMM.  Maybe the computer is an uber feminist, and didn't appreciate his grubby male hands all over her.  Maybe it is so old that it needed a long nap.  Who knows.  All I know is that it is working (or at least on) right now.

Haven't tried the internet, as it is currently connected to the lap top.

But I am taking this as a huge warning sign.....the end is near.  Better start researching computers.  Now, does a new computer consititute an emergency....thus, coming out of our emergency fund?  Does it come from our home improvement fund?  Do we suspend debt overpayment and put that money aside for new computer?  Do we limp along with ole Stumpy, the Senior Laptop?

Ugh, and I am afraid that with our luck....bad things are about to happen.  The old stove and refridge....the car again....ugh.

Any words of wisdom???

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  1. I think I would just slow down debt repayment and save for a desk top. Unless a desk top at home is required for your work, I don't think it constitutes an emergency. As long as you aren't charging it, that is progress! :)