Sunday, April 11, 2010

GBU - Week 5

First off, I am amazed at how fast time goes.  I started this series 5 weeks ago already.  Granted, it is a drop in the bucket compared to overall time, but still....

The Good:  Payweek!  After not getting a paycheck at the end of March due to my illness, getting my uber-big check this week was a welcome sight.  Alas, it is all gone....but at least the bills were paid on time.

The Bad: OK...there is a tie on this one.  First:  Wanting to start all sorts of projects in the house.  I need to finish what is on my plate first!!!  Plus, projects with me have a nasty way of turning into a Pandora's Box....once open, all the sins of home improvement are unleashed upon the Mysti World!

Second:  Upon cleaning out the closet downstairs to make room for other stuff (with the plan to sell alot of what is in there)....I found this horrible, obnoxious guitar that my mother-in-law bought for Bossy Boy when he was 2.  It states on the package for ages 8 and up, but she thought it was so cute.  And it is just like Daddy's obnoxious guitar.  Well, poor planning on my part....Bossy found it.  Autistic Boy + Repetitive sound + Being just like Daddy....*sigh*   Oh well.

The Ugly:  The boat.  The boat really deserves its own has been my nemesis for our entire marriage.  G-man needs to take a boater's safety course to be licensed to operate it in this state.  This little ditty will cost us $110 ($60 for the course, $50 for the certificate).  More to come on the boat, and G-man's hobbies.....

I am hoping more of you will share your GBU for the week......I would love to hear from you!!!

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