Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stuff...too much stuff

Freecycle    vs    Craigslist    vs    Yard Sale.   These three entities are amazing ways to 1) clear out things you don't need or want anymore, 2) make a few bucks (for CL and YS), 3)  pick up things you need or want for pennies on the dollar.

Let's focus on number 1 for a moment.  We all have stuff.  Way too much stuff.  And when you go through the undertaking of cleaning out a closet, sorting toys, sorting clothes, etc...we find out how much STUFF we actually have.  Who amongst us is not amazed when doing these things that we have 15 pairs of brown sandals...that our kids actually own 25 shirts.....that we could open a toy store with just our children's belongings.

Teaching our children good habits early on will help then to not become US (in the negative sense).  Teaching them to do with value what they have....important lessons!!!  So as I am clearing out stuff...I am trying to involve them in the decision making.  For example...I discovered that we had 16 puzzles...2 of which were the same puzzle!  We put together all of the puzzles and discovered 2 are missing a piece each.  If the piece is not found by the end of the cleaning...buh bye puzzle.  Then we looked at the remaining puzzles and weeded out the puzzles that are too young for them.  Now....let's turn to the title of the post...

I could freecycle them.  Some other kid would love them.  And I am finding that people will take anything if it is free!!!

I could Craigslist them.  But honestly, they wouldn't sell. 

Which brings me to a yard sale.  I am toying with having a yard sale in mid May.  All those things that don't sell on Craigslist might sell if someone sees it in person.  But yard sales are alot of work.  And if I don't sell the stuff...I am still tasked with getting rid of it.

Which brings me back to Freecycle.  If it doesn't sell....I know people will take it for free.  Some stuff would get write off is a good motivator there.  But some stuff....just take it.  Get it out of my house.

While we are cleaning up our finances...we have to look at the some of the root behaviors that caused the problems to start with.  Thinking we need Stuff....that is a problem.  Time to wait for things that we really love...that bring joy to our home....and purge the mindless clutter that contributed to the problem in the first place.

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