Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boredom spending

I get bored with our house.  It isn't what I want anymore.  Many of the furnishing are old and need to be replaced, as I have stated before.   Luckily, G-man is talking me out of many things, so we aren't actually spending money.  I am trying to clean and clean and clean (which by the way, I love to do....for real....).  Alot of the time when I have scrubbed the heck out of something, it seems new again, and satisfies the urge to get something new. 

We will be doing some projects over the coming months with our tax return.  Cleaning and restaining the outside fence, resealing the driveway, and some painting.  I think these will help with the boredom.

The kids are on spring break this coming week, and I will be home with them 3/5 days, which is way more than I am usually home.  If I can keep them from constantly arguing....I might get alot done.  I have a ton of half finished Mysti projects that I want to wrap up.  And work on selling more stuff.

I hate being bored.....trouble brews!

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  1. I hate to be bored as well. It is hard to not spend money when I am bored. Cleaning is a good alternative to spending. I should be doing that now.