Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are your gas prices rising too?

I paid $2.95/gal yesterday.  Wasn't it in the $$2.70's not that long ago?

Between G-man and I, we spend roughly $400 a month on gas-a-haul.  We live smack dab in between both of our jobs, and with a large SUV and a mini-van....all I have to say is GLUG GLUG GLUG.

Where I live, two of the large chain grocery stores offer discounts on gas based on purchase.  While I don't frequently shop at one of those stores (but that might change, as they are building one in my town, set to open this summer), we do shop at the other one ALOT.  Actually....G-man works there as his part time job!  This store basically gives you a 10 cent discount on gas for every $100 in purchase.  You can save your points up (they expire in 30 days) and get a mega discount on gas.

One of the problems with the program was the lack of facilities to actually get the gas!  I think there are 6 in the state.  Unless you lived near one, it wouldn't be worth your time, energy, and GAS to get there.  Bossy Boy used to have a doctor near one, so I would fill up there when I could.  Another problem....if you have a small budget for groceries, you might not get that great of a discount to make it worth it.  Sometimes you can buy the right combo of items and get bonus points though.

Well, they have now opened one about 15 minutes away.  While I don't see myself using it often, I think when my points add up I will venture over there.  It might only be once a month.  But it might help a little.

And as a spin off on the gas prices....*sigh*  This will mean that our heating oil price will be going up too.  Our budget plan renews in June, and *cross my fingers* maybe it will be lower by then.  The budget plan locks in your rate for the year, which is great if the prices are going up up up.  You can pay extra (about $400) to allow you to get the cheapest rate on the day that your tank is filled (if it is lower than your locked rate).  But there have to pay for this service, and if the rate never falls just wasted the money.

I remember being able to fill up my car in college for $10......the good ole days!

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