Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You know....sometime you can't win for losing

Within our school district, there are 8 elementary schools.  And there has been talk in the past several years regarding the "inequity" of the schools.....i.e., the "bad" section of town has school scores that are lower, the "good" part of town has higher scores.  There is a whole lot more to it, but suffice it to say, it has been a huge issue.

In the "brilliance" of the school board of education....they want to rezone the district.  And for my kids, this would mean going from the #1 #7.  7 of 8.  That is the next to last place school.  Um, no.

If I am not able to keep my kids in their current school, we are going to have a BIG problem.  I am not sending my kids to a cut rate school.  We have stayed in this house because of the school.  If the school is taken away from us, then we might have to move.

This is so not cool.

My taxes have gone up, my house value has gone down, and now they want to take away my kids' school?

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  1. Are the test scores lower @ school #7 b/c of the teachers or b/c of the socioeconomic status of the families in that area? My SIL & her colleagues were (are) GREAT teachers, but didn't have a lot to work with, if you know what I mean. Parental involvement, as I'm sure you know, makes a HUGE difference. The teacher is your ally, not the enemy. I'm sure it's frustrating & discouraging, but I'm hoping that it won't be as bad as you anticipate.