Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Would you trust a newbie?

I am feeling oh so blah and frumpy.  I am sure NONE of you know that feeling.

I am overdue for a haircut.  I have been going to the same girl for years at a budget chain place, and have been looking for a change.  Never mind that whole guilty feeling of "cheating" on my hairdresser.  I am trying to push that out of my head.  My typical haircut is just that...a haircut. No wash, no color.  Just a cut.

With that being said....would you go to a hairdressing school for a cut?  They are stylists in training, and are supervised by someone.  Would you risk it to save a few dollars and get a change?  And if the answer to that is YES, would you trust them to do a color?  I have only had my hair colored professionally 2 times in my life.  And I love it!  But the budget doesn't allow for if I do color my hair, it is a box for me. 

Would you do it?  Have you done it, and if so....what was your experience, good and bad?


  1. I've been thinking the same thing. Let's do it! If they mess us up...we can go find cute hats to wear (after we cry our eyes out).
    Face it...
    we're not trying to find men anymore...
    our hubby's would probably not even realize we changed anything...
    and it always grows out.
    Maybe if they really messed up, the instructor would step in and fix it (maybe)??
    Let me know if you decide to take the ends are SO split, they would LOVE a cut!

  2. The only training salon I have gone to was in Seattle, where I'm from, and I went to them exclusively. They were SO much cheaper than the professional salon, but they had professional teachers there to make sure everything was going smoothly and to take over if something bad happened (which it never did). And my hair (cut, color, styling) always came out awesome.

  3. Mysti,

    I've gone to a few schools for cuts, perms (way back in the day), and colours. It's probably the safest place to be! It takes FOREVER, but then again, it's "ME TIME" and I feel pampered.

    The students check out what each other is trying to do, explaining themselves, reassuring themselves, and then they have to get a supervisor's "OK" to go ahead. The last time I went the supervisor took over with her scissors and it was fantastic! Plus, you don't have as big of a tip to leave, as the prices are way lower.

    Actually, when I go visit my parents, I get my Step-Mother to book me a few visits, because we don't have a school near by. That's my treat for vacations!

    We've had a really rough year & a half, and I have found it important to look after myself, 'cause nobody else will. I'm worth it! Having my eyebrows done is what makes me feel good, so I've made it a point now to book my next appointment before I leave the salon, so I don't decide later that I really can't afford that luxury.