Friday, March 12, 2010

Stress is not my friend

I am so out of sorts, I can't stand it.  I have basically been told that my kids will have to go to this sub-par school that I hate.  This is going to rock our world by epic proportions.  I am beside myself.  I am fighting my gut urge to pack up our house and move.  Or send them to a magnet school. 

I am not handling this well.  And all I can think about in terms of "coping" is either:  The cupcakes in the cabinet or going shopping.

No idea what I would even shop for.  Just want to go. 

Or buying pink hair dye and doing something crazy.

I have no idea how to handle this.


  1. Oh no. I say pray for a way for them to stay where they are. There has to be a way a grandfather clause or something. Research. I am so sorry. school decisions stress me out too. Ugh.

  2. I am a teacher. The quality of a child's school has a relatively minor effect on their success in life. Particularly at the elementary level, the education children receive at home has a far greater impact.

  3. I am a teacher also, and I am telling you that this change will not be good for them. Particularly my Autistic child.

    I do not want my children used to bring up test scores. I do not want my children taught by staff that is burnt out and don't care anymore.

    This is horrible.

  4. Please look into applying for a transfer. I have done it with one school district when they re-zoned. You have to petition the school administration, write a letter explaining why you want the transfer. Do it even when they tell you, "We will not honor transfers." They tell that to everyone as a deterrent for transfer requests.

    Keep in mind, if it is approved (and if you are persistent enough it will be) the request will probably have to be repeated every year.

    Good luck.

  5. Lol at your Pink hair idea! Last hair cut I told the stylist to make my hair "Pop" and left with colour and blonde and purple streaks! It was fantastic!!! Next time I'm going to ask for even more!