Sunday, March 14, 2010

Do they really think they can get away with this??

I have said it before, and I will say it again.......I hate people.  Ok, that is harsh.  I don't REALLY hate people, but I am so sick and tired of having to make everything into a mini project.  Why can't things just work the first time?  Why do I have to be a vigilante about following up on changes?

Newest case in point:  Our phone bill.

In an attempt to phase out the house phone and go wireless (we got a larger cell phone plan to cover all of this, and even with that, we may have overestimated what we needed and have to adjust.....more on the cell phone later.)  On Feb 25, G-man called the phone company and removed our unlimited long distance and additional services from our home phone.  This would reduce the bill to about $28/mo (with taxes and such), from about $59/mo.  Savings of $30 a month (which is offset by the increase in the cell phone, but eventually when we get rid of the home phone completely, then it really is a $30/mo savings.

Got the bill....$210!!  WHAT???!!!!!!  Clearly shows the change in service on FEBRUARY 25.  Prorated the long distance service charge for Feb 25-March 9.  Ok, that is fair....we pay for the time we used.  So far so good.

Then they itemized the long distance charges, and went back to the beginning of the billing cycle on February 10 (2 full weeks before we made the change), and proceeded to charge us $0.33 a minute for long distance.  But we still had unlimited long distance during this period of time.  Are you kidding me?

So I will have to call about this tomorrow.  I am hoping this is just a mistake and an easy fix.  But I am not confident this will be that easy.  Additionally on my "to call" list:  Bossy Boy's medical supply company, who sent us yet ANOTHER bill, this one for 2x more than the last....even though I have already called them and they said "oh, you have a waiver, you shouldn't have gotten a bill."  *sigh*

And also call the newspaper.  I keep trying to cancel the paper, and they keep delivering it, and of course charging us for it.  We called and cancelled.  We wrote CANCEL on the bill.  They called us, and we told them again CANCEL.  Take the hint people.

These three items should cost about $45 right now.  But I have bills totalling over $600 right now.  Let's think about this....$45 vs $600.  Sure, I would love to just give you $555 more than I should.  I am just that generous.


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  1. It took me over an hour on hold to cancel my land line. Good luck. I haven't gotten the last bill yet, but I'm assuming it will be messed up and I'll have to spend mroe time on hold.