Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A spin off to getting sick....

OK, this might not be directly related to getting debt, but hey, work with me people (and by the way...thanks for the well wishes!).  I am on the road to recovery, but still not there.  I am feeling better than 48 hrs ago (better living through pharmaceuticals!).  Not quite well enough to really go go go, but not quite sick enough to be in bed constantly (seriously, I have barely moved from my bed in 2 day, and while there, mostly I slept).

Came downstairs this morning to get the kids off to school.  And what a disaster down here!  While G-man mostly took care of the basics, (some of the dishes were washed, and he did feed the children and do homework and showers for the past 2 days) the other stuff I guess wasn't on his radar.  There are piles of stuff everywhere (I swear, it has only been 2 days!!!  Where did this stuff come from???)

I guarantee I will find things of importance while I go through the piles.  I guarantee I will find at least one bill, some action items from school, etc.  This is why I have a system for this stuff.  So it doesn't get lost.  So the bills get paid.  So we are on time for things.

Some people are fly by the seat of their pants.  I am not.  Having a system for taking care of things in your life is so important.  It takes awhile to find YOUR system.  I could tell you mine, and it might not work for you.  That is why you have to develop your own.  A place to put those bills.  A calendar (which I have to say, I am terrible at....I tend to keep it all in my head....Heaven forbid I am hit by a bus).

I started a control journal (thanks FlyLady) a few years back that is supposed to help anyone run my household, incase I can't.  Without going into alot of detail about this....I almost died in pregnancy in August 2007.  Like, the doctors gave me about 48 hrs to live.  That is quite sobering.  And I realized that I couldn't keep all my knowledge in my head anymore.  It had to be SOMEWHERE else.  Enter, my control journal.  While I would like to think that G-man, my parents, a babysitter, will never need it....I am glad we have it, just in case.

So, in my ramblings this morning....I urge you to develop a system help organize your life.  Just in case disaster strikes (even if it is a temporary one).  It is freeing knowing that all that important information is documented somewhere so you can refer to it, or have others help you.

ETA:  Well, crud!  Remember last month when my computer crashed?  Apparently G-man didn't back up my control journal when he was trying to save stuff.  I now have to re-create it.  I have the print outs for most things, so it is just a matter of re-keying it.  But what a pain!  I discovered this when he asked me for all the user ID and passwords for our financial stuff so he can do his financial form.  I never put this info officially into the journal since we have had parents and sitters look at it.  Guess what I am doing this morning????

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