Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting sick is expensive

I went to the doctor this morning, and sure enough....I have strep throat AGAIN.  The doctor is now urging me to get my tonsils out since they are causing so much problem.  They are so swollen he has me on a steroid for the inflammation, plus an antibiotic, PLUS a few over the counter things.

G-man took a sick day yesterday to stay home with the kids (oh, thank you sweetie!!).  Today is his regular day off, and the poor guy has done nothing but break up fights between the kids, and take care of me (this is the first time I have been out of bed since yesterday morning).

So lets tally this illness for a second.  Missed 2 days of work so far.  $20 co-pay at the doctor.  $10.80 in prescriptions.  $21.50 in over the counter meds.  I am estimating one more day home from work....bringing the grand total to about $276 in lost wages and $52.30 in medication (not counting the soup and sorbet for my throat).

And now I need to think about getting my tonsils out!  Great, just great.  But alas.....I am getting tired.  Heading back to bed....


  1. But staying sick costs even more. REST. Get well soon. And figure out a way to get those tonsils out if it will keep you from having strep throat all the dang time. Poor thing!