Saturday, March 27, 2010

The secret ME dream

I spend alot of time thinking about all the things I would like to do once we are debt free.  Most of these include home improvement or vacation plans. Some of it includes updating existing purchases, or a few other smaller purchases that don't fit anywhere else (ahhhh...that highly specific MISCELLANEOUS category).

The one I don't really talk about (but do think about) is ME. 

Like alot of women, I sacrifice the ME stuff for the sake of the family.  G-man is great in the sense that he tells me go do what I want....but he also isn't the bill payer.  I would love a huge shopping spree, but I don't.  I do have a small contingency plan though.  I have received cash bonuses at the holidays for the past two years, and I have a gift card to the Gap I got as a another bonus.  All in total, $200 worth of "blow" money.  I have been trying to lose weight, so I am saving that money for a shopping trip as I go into smaller sizes.

But clothes are only part of the dream.  Actually, they are probably the least expensive part!

The big secret ME thing that I really want is electrolysis (blogs are will admit anything!).  I have a hormonal condition that has the unfortunate side effect of excess hair growth.  ALOT of it.  I spend hours and hours plucking and plucking, and never finish.  I tried at home waxing, and am never successful.  Tried bleach, then I just look like a chick who is trying to hide her beard.

I love waxing at a salon, but at $50 for just my brow, lip, and face....and it grows FAST, that isn't happening.  I would have to budget probably $150 a month for just this.  Nope.  I save the salon waxing for special occasions (like when I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding 2 years ago).

Electrolysis would be a permanent solution.  Granted, it would take several sessions.  And I am sure that the short term look would be somewhat less than appealling.  But in the long run to have a smooth face......that sounds so nice!

I have not researched this extensively, but am guesstimating about $3-5,000 for what I need done.  I would LOVE to do my legs too if I had piles of money.  I need to shave daily.  Or I am a Sasquatch.  I probably have spent this much money and then some just on shaving products.

I purposely don't post personal pictures on this blog so in real life people can't find me.  So I am sure you must think I am some hideous fat, hairy creature.  Putting my own self-esteem issues aside for a minute....I actually am not a bad looking gal!  I did manage to find a guy to marry me (I guess that isn't saying much though....ugly people need loving too!). 

But this little piece of me has started to really bother me.  It has gotten significantly worse since having children.  I guess all those pregnancy hormones really do have lasting effects.  And my two failed pregnancies back to back REALLY did a number on me.

So....let's have it......what is your secret ME dream?  Boob job?  Tummy tuck?  Sex change?  What is that one thing that is entirely, 100% for YOU?


  1. Mysti,

    I love reading your blog. I am in a lot of the same situations. I lost my job last June and have yet to find a new one. I went from making over $100 grand a year to less than $25 on unemployment. Hubby has a great job, but 25% of his pay goes for child support. Needless to say, money is very tight around here. It's gotten so bad I had to declare bankruptcy. I actually go to court tomorrow. At first I was devastated. I've always paid my bills and done the right thing. However, there was no way I could pay off my cc debt and eat at the same time. I am looking at this as a learning experience. I cut up all my cc and now I just live with a debit card. I will NEVER have credit card debt again. I shop very frugally and usually sacrifice what I want/need for the family. I used to get my hair done every six to eight weeks at about $100 each time. Now, I do it myself. It's not as nice, but it's what I can afford.

    The other thing I sacrifice on is clothes. I have taken to shopping at thrift stores. Savers is one of my favorites. It's the nicest one I've found. (They are on Facebook and have a website. They are a chain.) I had gastric bypass surgery in January of 09 and have lost over 100 pounds, so you can imagine I've needed lots of clothes. I just couldn't rationalized buying new clothes for myself when I was shrinking so much month by month. Now that I've been shopping in thrift stores so much, I balk at paying full price for things in a regular store. I went this past week and bought three pairs of brand named pants, 3 pairs of shorts, a sweater, a blouse, and some capris for about $70 dollars. Everything was in mint condition.

  2. Hi! I soooo understand the Me-expense. Mine was getting a laser treatment for acne scars before my wedding. I have divots from bouts of major cystic acne, mostly from my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa (Imagine all the dust, sweat, etc). Man, they really bother me. I didn't want to look back at my wedding pictures and only see those bumpy scars. We could only afford one round, and ideally *someday* I'll get another 1-2 rounds. (Not until more debt progress.) Worth every single penny. Oh, so worth it. (The scars are not as deep now).

  3. If money wasn't an issue, I would go for pedicures at least once a month. I like the natural look of unpainted toenails, but I also like my feet to be smooth. They're so rough! I've tried things at home, and they do help. But it's not the same as lying back in those massaging chairs while someone else does all the dirty work! :-p