Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thanks for the love, guys

It has been a rough few days around the ole Mysti/G-man house.  My initial anger has passed, but I am still incredibly frustrated and upset.  Unfortunately, G-man is unable to take a temp assignment right now, so that space that I so desperately need won't happen.  He does have a business trip in a few weeks, so that will be a small reprieve.

A small step in the right direction....there is a book he saw the other day that he would like to read. Something about No more excuses....now, if I can only get him to go to the library to get it!  ;)  I think he is realizing that he makes ALOT of excuses.  No action.

Meanwhile, we have had a few more issues crop up....like the spilt oil on the driveway.  And he forgot to save my 200+ bookmarks on the computer before doing the newest restore (still fixing the computer prob from 2 weeks ago...I think it is FINALLY fixed.)  It is the lack of attention to detail.  *sigh*

Have some more updates that I will post soon.  Again, thanks for the love!

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