Friday, February 26, 2010

Tax indecisive!

Our taxes are 99% done.  One question to get answered and then off it goes.  Owed a tiny bit of state taxes (we had adjusted last year when we owed, but guess not quite enough....we were off by about $5 a paycheck)...smallish refund for federal. In total, it is about $900 we will get back.

Original plan:  put it toward the retirement loan....but when that plan bit the big one.....

Plan B:  Use it toward student loan #2.  This would pay off almost 60% of this debt.  I

Plan C:  Medical debt.  Thought about putting toward the dentist....but that debt is never really going to go away for awhile.  We pay it off, then it comes back next dental visit.  In the ideal world, we will have a savings plan for this....but I digress.  Hospital #2 is going to be paid off this weekend when I pay bills, so that doesn't count.  Hospital #1 is a thorn in my side, and this would take care of a big portion of this...but this debt also doesn't have any interest on it.

Which brings us to the current plan.

Plan D:  Household repair.  I mentioned in a previous post that our thoughts on home improvement got shot when we priced it all out.  So the decision was made to cut it back to the totally necessary stuff:  bathroom repairs, fence, driveway.  This plus the cash from our sale of "stuff" will greatly ease these costs.

We have someone coming to give us a quote on the cleaning and restaining of the fence.  While I am pretty sure we will end up doing it ourselves, I wanted to know what someone would charge.  We are so tight on time, that hiring someone might be a better option. 


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