Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good things come to those who wait

Sassy Girl had a birthday party to attend over the weekend.  So Bossy Boy and I hit Wal-Mart to get some Valentines for their class parties.  We had time to kill, so we just wandered around for awhile.

In the past, this would have been dangerous.  I would have picked up a few things in addition to my intended purchases.  And before you know it....I spent money on junk.  Now, I wouldn't have thought it was junk at the time. For me, I would have been trying to decorate, or replace something, or organize something.....

But I found as I walked around....nothing appealed to me.  There are things I would love to replace, and I sort of have things picked out, but they aren't in the budget.  In the past, I would have gotten some cheap solution and never quite be happy with my purchase.  And as I looked at some of these items, I just didn't want it.

I totally think that Walmart and Target have their place in the world.  I love both for different reasons.  But I am moving past good enough for now to I earned the money to purchase what I really want.

So we came out of there with 2 boxes of Valentines, and packages of bubbles and pens as the "gift." Nothing else.  Not even a yearning to purchase more.

I am worth waiting for what I really want.  And it will feel great when I get there.


  1. Isn't that such an awesome feeling? I've finally gotten there too, for the most part. I find that when I let my guard down though and say okay to one thing, then I find myself in a mess again. But, at least those instances are becoming much fewer and far between! Congrats!

  2. good for you! That is where we all should be to get us debt free. Awesome! Dave Ramsey would be so proud.

  3. I've felt that way for awhile about regular retail -- it's the second-hand stores where I find "deals" I can't pass up! My solution: stay out of them. But today, I had to go to Goodwill to find some books as part of some goody bags I'm putting together for my own girl's birthday party... Of course, I found some additional books for my own kids... And some plates that we "need" for the kitchen... All in all, I'm doing better. And I haven't done this in a Long time! So I'm not going to be too hard on myself.
    I do totally know what you mean about evaluating the stuff that would normally find its way into your cart.