Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Computer problems stink

I swore I would not give out information on this site that would allow people to track me down and potentially find out info that I don't want out there. Hence, the names have been changed to protect the guilty.  But I am going to have to break this rule for a minute to explain the problem.

Have you watched the news?  Did you hear about the massive explosion at the powerplant in Connecticut?  I am sure you have, it has been all over the news.

Well, that is 1.5 miles from my house.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, I can spit and hit the powerplant.  I pass the road to the plant everyday on my way to the highway.  Now you all know where I live.  Please don't come and kill me.

At the moment of the explosion, I was happily downloading my coupons.  Then a massive electrical charge.  Then my computer went black. Then I got the Blue Screen of Death.....you know the one.  The one that says you are so screwed that you better buy stock in lubricant....

I had to run PC recovery, and lost a bunch of stuff.  Great.  At least most of it was backed up.

The explosion fried something outside and we lost our internet.  As of last night THEY said it was back up.  My computer disagrees.  I sit here on my antiquated laptop, with wires sticking out all over (thanks G-man for getting us back up to at least the basics).  The desktop won't connect.   Called the provider.....they couldn't help.  Called the router people, they blamed the internet people.

We said screw it and bought a cable. Desktop still won't connect.  This laptop is probably older than my kids.  At least it is something.

No idea how much this is all going to cost us.  Might need to call Geeky Type people out to the house to fix it.  At least I think that the computer is ok.  A new one isn't in the budget. (But G-man out of nowhere this morning said he wants a Mac!)

Anyway, I will have to catch up on blogging, tallies, reading.  We are expecting snow, so who knows if we will even have power.

Fun times at Mysti's!!!!


  1. That sucks. Buy stock in lubricant, good one. I agree w/G-man about the Mac, but I refuse to work that into the budget -- yet. Just can't justify it yet. I can't believe you were so close to that explosion. If someone ever set off one of those magnetic bombs we'd all be screwed, wouldn't we?

  2. My brother and parents are in Wallingford, and said their houses shook as well. I'm in Enfield, so we didn't get any of the shaking this far north. I'm sorry that your computer is sick. I know how freaked out I get when that happens to me.

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