Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anger, and what to do with it.


G-man blew it big time yesterday.  It is related to our failed move attempt.  Due to a careless error.  One that he should have checked.  He should have had that job in the bag, and he blew it.  OK, before you guys all say "mistakes happen" there is way more to the story than I am sharing, and this we have a long standing history of problems in this area.

Beyond my marital woes, I have no idea what to do with this anger.  My two, and buying stuff.  Well, if I am going to spend $43 a month on Weight Watchers, going and gorging myself on food won't help.  And buying a bunch of junk I don't want or need, then feeling guilty about it later.....yeah, that isn't going to help either.

My friends live out of no going out for coffee and calming down with a friend.  I am still having problems getting my tushie in gear to exercise.

Not a drinker.  Not a smoker.

I am running out of ideas.  GRRR.  I am so angry!!!!  And don't have a vice to let it loose on.  I am hoping writing all of this helps.  Or else I will end up giving in somewhere, and feeling bad about it later. 


  1. Oh Mysti...I am so sorry. I just yell & cry when I get that mad. I love to shop too. If I lived closer I would totally meet you for coffee.

  2. Life is hard! Can you go for a long walk, by yourself? Lately I've been needing to do something physical to feel any sort of a break from the stress/anger/anxiety in my life. And that is SO not me, I'm not a gym nut, but it's working.

  3. Exercise is always good, or getting a punching bag.....or you could try knitting, sometimes it helps to do something like that that doesn't require too much thought but is still soothing....

  4. Where in CT are you? I'm in Enfield. My friends live about an hour away, so I understand not being able to jump into the car and go for coffee on a moments notice. I cured my "retail therapy" by becoming a frugal shopper and couponer. I just buy stuff when it's FREE. Then I get my therapy in and don't feel bad about it later. Exercise? I HATE to sweat. Even though my workout program is only 30 minutes, it seems like I have to spend two hours psyching myself up to do it. Fortunately, I cured the stress eating part by having Gastric Bypass surgery in Jan of 2009. I've lost over 100 pounds and feel great. Thankfully, the surgery took away my desire/obsession for food. Unfortunately, I still have to exercise. Yuck.

  5. I like the punching bag idea. Pillows work in a pinch.

    Hope things feel better for you by now.