Monday, February 15, 2010

Drat, foiled again! But maybe this is good in a way....

Just when I thought that the computer was all better.  STRESS!!!

1)  Tried to install Turbo Tax, and it is a no go.  Went to the TT support site and tried all their suggestions.  Nope.  Apparently the crash damaged the Microsoft XP.  Good thing I have an IT brother who is willing to help his sis out.  Guess I am not doing the taxes tonight.

2)  To further cement the Microsoft problem, I tried to open Excel to work on my spreadsheet....and yeah, that isn't working either.  Guess I am not working on the budget tonight either.

As I have mentioned before, when I stress, I change things.  So once again, I am not happy with the look of my blog and have started researching the changes I really want.  And my poor house.  I sold our glider/ottoman which was at the top of the stairs in an alcove.  Now it is empty, and I am itching to do something with the space (I voted for a meditation nook (first choice) or a bookcase area (2nd choice).  Of course G-man went with my #2 pick. 

I am finding that when something goes wrong and I can't FIX it immediately, it gives me some time to step back and reflect on things.  This is good.  It helps avoid the knee jerk reaction of the past.  Such the past, I would have run out to Wal-Mart and bought new bookcases, brought them home...decided that they really weren't what I wanted but oh well.

So now, I am able to see this, and really plan for things.  This has multiple benefits:

1)  Budget.  No more reaction to things and just doing it.  Now I have to research what I want, figure out the cost, and about how long I will have to delay gratification.

2)  Pride.  My house.....same difference.  I "think" I know what I want....go down a path.  Live with it, and it isn't right.  All I did was waste time (and money).  By thinking things through, I can take pride in my decisions.

3)  A storyboard plan!  No more making one decision and then MAKING things fit around it.  By creating a storyboard, I can see how it all will fit together.  And make the changes on paper first.

As for my blog.....I will live with it until I can figure out exactly what I want.  Suggestions are welcome!

My house.....I am getting to know myself better through my financial experience.  I know that I am tired of "good enough until later."  I want what I want.  And I am willing to wait.  Not to say that there won't be ANY changes....just nothing super expensive until I have formulated the big plan (So far....I know the area of paint color I want, which really was decided a long time ago.....Khaki/tan with white trim.  :) )  The bookcases....I think I know what I want....but need to check it out and storyboard it. 

G-man has a business trip in a few weeks.....I tend to change things when he is gone.  He is used to this by now.  But the my good friend might come from out of town to help me!!  He doesn't know that.  :)

So this evening will be that of planning........what a concept!


  1. Good luck with the planning. I love to change things too. Getting a blog makeover is fun. Are you going to do it yourself for free?

  2. I am going to do it myself.....I have started researching what I want. Found one graphic so far.