Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doin' it old school

When the kids were younger (like 2 or 3), and we had to go out to run errands....I did what most moms do: pack snacks! If were were going to be out for awhile, I would pack lunch. I should note that really this food packing was for Sassy Girl. Bossy boy did not eat due to medical reasons, but I packed his medical feeding.

We have a weekly appointment for Bossy Boy at 5:30pm, and typically I would stop at 5:00 and buy the overriced, oversalted, overfat Happy Meal. Additionally, I would pick something up for myself. (now, beyond the money factor....this was doing nothing for my weight loss efforts)

In an effort to save money, I packed the kids dinner. Bossy Boy usually eats at his appointment (as part of the appointment). And Sassy Girl ate her ever so gor-met (you can't use the word gourmet when describing food of this caliber) in the car: cheese cracker sandwiches, grapes, nutrigrain bar, water).

Now, Bossy Boy had a melt down and we ended up leaving his appointment 45 min late. Apparently my gor-met dinner did not tide over one such Sassy Girl. So I stopped and got her some nuggets off the dollar menu, and drink for me, to the tune of $3.17.

Better than the usual $12 I have been spending per week!

Maybe next week I will try and pack her a little better dinner. :)


  1. Good for you though, because you are saving money! The kids will eventually adjust!

    So, that's a great idea about the apples. I am going to try that when I pack apple slices for a snack. Thanks for the tip!

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