Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walgreen's trip today

My couponing is getting better, but is far from the caliber that I hope to achieve.

Today's Walgreen's Adventure:

2 Jellies
2 Candle tins
1 Large candle
1 Razor
2 boxes of tissues (alas....cold and flu season is upon us!)
1 hand soap
2 mouthwash
and.....1 cauldron

OK, the cauldron wasn't exactly on the shopping list today. But I had been looking for one to add to my ghost Halloween display.

Total with the cauldron: $22.98

If we take the cauldron out, we are down to $16.63 OOP in purchases I went in there for. And I earned $10 in Register Rewards!

I had coupons, rainchecks, Register Rewards, and sale items. Per my receipt, I had $35.37 in savings, so I saved about 68%. $6 cauldron brings that savings level down to 60%. But I am pleased. And I have $10 towards next purchase!

And the funny comment of the trip.....Bossy Boy waved goodbye to the store as we were pulling out....and said "Bye store, see you next week!"

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