Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Admin Day

Long time readers know that while I was raised Jewish, I have been non-practicing for 20+ years.  However, there is something about Rosh Hashannah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) that always sparks a rebirth, even now.  Today is Yom Kippur...the day where you ask God to forgive your sins and write your name in The Book of Life for another year. I am NOT going to get all religious....but in the spirit of starting a-fresh.....I decided that today would be my Admin take care of things that I have been putting off or avoiding for one reason or another.

To Do Today:

  1. Research new doctors x 3 - 2 completed 
  2. Schedule new doctor appointments - 2 completed
  3. Pay off my car - YAY!!!!!  DONE!!!!!
  4. Call about Eye Dr EOB - Called and left voicemail
  5. Schedule activities for next weekend when friends are visiting
  6. Draft letter for bank stuff
  7. Walmart stuff
I am working on my list....some of these things are taking longer than others.  But I am making progress.

We have Bossy's "party" this weekend....friends coming over for pizza and a movie.  Several parents asked to stay (not really surprised) so our party size has grown.  Right now there are 5 teenagers (including my 2 kids), and 6-7 adults (including us).  Everyone is excited.

I have lots of lists going this week....between house stuff to take care of, "party" stuff, admin usual work schedule and a doctor's appointment. I do better when I am busy (not overwhelmed busy!!!), so this is good for me.  Weather is great....we have the windows open.   Fresh air!

I will try and update my list as I go....hoping that I can get it all done today, although it may spill into tomorrow a bit.  


  1. It is just weird that parents would basically invite themselves to stay at a teens birthday. I can see when kids are in kindergarten but good grief, grade 9!!!!

    Hope Bossy has fun anyways :).

    1. It isn't a birthday party. All of these kids have special needs, and we wanted to give them an opportunity to just hang out....but they all need to have it facilitated.

      Our guess is that the other parents want to make sure their own child is, it can be lonely as a parent whose child may not be social. So it is a way to connect with other people. It wasn't planned....but it is ok.

  2. Well that is different. If all the other kids have special needs it is understandable. I work in the Developmental Services field so I have witnessed the stress and loneliness that families feel. You have my utmost respect, Mysti :).

    1. Bossy is in a self contained class for half the day. There are a total of 6 9th graders...including Bossy. We invited everyone. Our main goal was to show Bossy that school friends can also be out of school friends. I don't know alot about the kids as a whole, but I am looking forward to meeting them.

      Thanks for the support.