Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Seriously? The saga continues

As of last night, we still hadn't received the confirmation cancelling the tv, only the warranty.   Additionally, the tv was now showing out of stock.  Never mind that I confirmed that the tv was in stock....

So here we go again with customer service.  This time I got clarification that my "stuck" order actually meant the item was out of stock and that the processing center was looking for one but couldn't find it (I know where they could find one....at the ^#&$@!! Store for crying out loud).

I asked the guy how I can reorder if it is out of stock....was told I would just have to keep checking back or pick a new item.  He even sent me links for refurbished TVs or smaller units in the same price range.  SIGH

I asked what he could do to help me get it at the store where I knew it was in stock using the on line price.   He said I could ask but no guarantee of anything.....yeah we already tried.  Y'all (gotta be southern....lol) are the ones who messed it up, but will do nothing to fix it.

Well....this morning the tv is magically back in stock.  And available for pick up today at our local store.  I still have no answer why this option wasn't available 2 weeks ago.  So we went ahead and purchased it again....even though we dont have the official cancellation from the first order.  If for some reason we end up getting double charged, I will have them refund the extra charge.  I know this is a risk, but I don't want to go another 2 weeks and find out it is out of stock again.

And amazingly....an hour after I ordered....I got a "your item is ready for pick up" notice.  Why couldn't it have just done this 2 weeks ago?????

So after work, I will pick up this tv.  Hopefully we will also get the cancellation notice so I can just be done.  But c'mon....we all know what will happen.....lol


  1. Do you think writing to corporate would help? You would need to write the whole process down because how could you remember all the problems you have buying one stupid t.v. Cheryl

  2. On pins and needles here wondering whether you actually were able to pick up the TV! Sure hope so - the whole thing is just crazy ... but you knew that :)

  3. Hi!
    I could be wrong but I don't believe they charge your card until you actually pick the item (TV) up. We recently ordered a LG TV from Walmart and did the pick up routine and that was the case for us.
    Good luck!

  4. Even the Walmart store managers detest Walmart.com. Same tree, different branch, and Walmart.com, SUCKS, according to our store manager. Good luck.