Thursday, July 7, 2016

More job news

I can't believe it, but I am nearing 6 weeks at my job.  Based on my average hours, I pretty much know what my paychecks will be now.  Since I do not get paid time off, and the office runs on the school holidays schedule, I am planning on saving a bit from each check toward those longer 2 weeks at Christmas.

As I mentioned, it is a new business, owned by a husband/wife team.  Both of them are terrific.

It has already been brought up to me that they plan on raising my salary.  As a new business, they aren't able to do it right now.  But it is already part of the plan.

Additionally, they would like me to learn a few other aspects of the business as we go.  The reason....they would like to open a second office in a year and half to two years.  And they would like me run it.

Now, all of this is in the future, and nothing is set in stone.  But, it is a huge complement that this is something they are already thinking about.

If this works out, I would get to use my degree, Admin skills, and have management experience.   Plus, being that I am part of all of this from the beginning...I am getting to share my input on things.

For now....I am working part time with a lower rate than I would like.  I don't think my SAT gig is going to work out long term so I am trying to find something else to do.

I really want to get the moving debt off my plate and be back where we were a year ago.  I am working on it!


  1. That is great news. And how exciting. Sometimes we have to take a few steps backwards to move forward.

    1. Very true.. But totally ready to just keep moving forward.

  2. It's nice to be appreciated.
    My daughter took a job that payed for less than her current job paid just because it was where she wanted to be. Money's important, but so are other things.

    1. I wrote this post in the morning, and then this whole thing came up again in the afternoon. My huge complement of the day....."I don't think you even realize how good you really are." My heart was happy.