Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nothing major to report, just some minor stuff.

I really didn't disappear.  Thank you Theresa F for checking in.  I just felt like until there was really NEWS to share, all I would do is complain.  So I just went radio silent. I guess I have a few updates now.

This is so in between right now.  On a positive note, I have a part time, from home job.  It is rating SAT essays for ETS.  I got my certification last week, so I haven't actually started for real.  My 2 days of training will be paid at a reduced rate, but I haven't been paid yet.  There won't be any rating from July through September, so I have to see what I can do through June.

I had a phone interview last week, but don't feel that will turn into anything.

Meanwhile, I had an interview for a super low level, part time job, with LOUSY hours. I thought it went great, but then never heard back.  That was almost 2 weeks ago.  Then yesterday they called for a second interview.  It is a new business, owned by a husband/wife team.  I think 2 interviews for this job is overkill...but I will just go with it.  The positives of this job are that it is 2 miles from my house, so no commute!  Plus, the hours will easily allow me to do SAT stuff in the morning, so between the two jobs, it isn't as much as I was making before, but it is better than nothing.  Plus, it leaves me time to interview for full time jobs, take the kids to the dr, etc.

I also got a call from a staffing agency, but this opportunity seems off.  I was in the shower when the phone rang, and called back.  Then no return call.  I called the next day again, and got a "she is on another line" answer.  Not sure why they would call and then not follow up.

School ends next week!!!  Textbooks are turned in tomorrow.  Bossy has a field trip on Friday.  Monday morning is a pseudo field trip to the high school to practice for the 8th grade recognition/graduation ceremony (middle school gym is now under construction so they had to move the ceremony).  Tuesday is field day and spring fling.  And Wednesday is the recognition ceremony and last day of school.   

Sassy finally got it together with her school work, and is finishing the quarter with straight A's....and an A here is 93-100.  We had some mean girl drama a few weeks ago, but that has settled down.  I am still encouraging her to have contact information for a few people over the summer, so we can try and get her out and about.  She is still resisting.  One thing at a time.
     Bossy has made some social progress at evidenced by the gaggle of girls who walked him out of the 8th grade dance.  We were surprised he wanted to go to the dance at all, since crowds and loud noise are not his thing.  But he did it.  And he slow danced with a girl!!!  (as reported by Sassy) I wish I could have seen it.  Additionally, he has completed his requirements for 1st Class Scout rank and will be receiving his new rank next week.

High school is looming.  They had a tour last week.  So crazy.  Sassy will be enrolled in advanced classes for math and science, and are trying to get her in advanced language arts for 10th grade (long story why she isn't now).  Bossy is enrolled in a non-degree program that focuses on life skills.  I had to wrap my head around him not actually getting an official diploma, but rather a certificate of completion (which will look exactly like a diploma).  It is really the best choice for him, but I did have an afternoon of sadness.

Wedding Stuff
My brother.  LOL.  I am going to throw him under the bus for a moment as a member of the "men who know nothing about weddings" group.  It is hysterical to listen to him talk.  The wedding went from next year in their at a hall somewhere at just going to the courthouse and throwing a party a few weeks maybe somewhere next spring.  He is truly shocked at what goes into planning a wedding. 

Other Tidbits

In completely non-responsible financial news.....we decided to take a few hundred dollars from our tax return so I could visit my BFF this weekend.  I fly out tomorrow morning and will be back Monday afternoon.  I haven't seen her in 3 years, and haven't been out to see her in 5 years.  We decided that I might as well do it while I am not I have been so down in the dumps, I need a girl weekend.  We have a jam packed agenda, and I am going to be exhausted when I get home.  But I really need a few days of fun to refocus my energy.

My birthday was a few weeks ago.  Good birthday as a whole.  I didn't even let it get to me when my father called at almost 10pm to say Happy Birthday (he was going to call earlier, but fell asleep....sigh).  Mom didn't bother to get on the phone but feebly said Happy Birthday in the background.

So that is about it from my end of the world.  Nothing major to report, just some minor stuff. 


  1. Glad you blogged, I was worried. Sounds like the kids are making progress. Job hunting is so frustrating. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Yes, the kids are getting there. We knew that the transition might be tough, but now that we are here almost 6 months, they are getting adjusted.

  2. I'm happy for you that you're having a weekend away with your BFF. That always does wonders for me. Job hunting is so depressing and hard on one's self-esteem. Sassy is knocking it of the park academically. Good for her! Bossy seems to be doing well overall, too. Good to hear from you again!

    1. My BFF, other friend, and even her parents are so excited I am coming....totally rolling out the red carpet. If that doesn't cheer me up, I don't know what will.

      Yes, kids are finally settling in. Very proud of both of them.

    2. My BFF, other friend, and even her parents are so excited I am coming....totally rolling out the red carpet. If that doesn't cheer me up, I don't know what will.

      Yes, kids are finally settling in. Very proud of both of them.

  3. Glad things are working out for the kids.

    I have one starting high school next year too! I have heard that the next four years will go by in a flash! My baby ... sniff, sniff.

  4. It is so wonderful that you are getting a weekend with your best friend! You are right - you need this!

    Sounds like the kids are adjusting well - always a good thing - Congratulations to Bossy for ranking! Jobs hunting sucks though. I hate it for you. Please try not to feel bad about your parents not remembering to call on your birthday. Mine never remembered past the age of 10.

  5. You have a Master's Degree in Elementary Education!! Why are you not applying at schools, colleges etc? it may not be a lot of money. Teachers with Masters here in Texas will probably make 52k BUT you get holidays and summer off etc! network, principals hire people they like, they are always hiring teacher aides, that's quick way to get in. If you don't have your teaching certification, get it yesterday.


  6. She's alive! Keep at the job search you will find something eventually. Your post seems to find you relaxed and happy and I am so glad you and G-man are together as a family.