Friday, September 5, 2014

Leading a Double LIfe

The only way to describe things right now is CRAY-CRAY.  It is incredibly hard to maintain a sense of normalcy for the kids, continue to work productively at the office, and deal with getting the house ready to sell and the impending move.

The Day to Day Life

We are still adjusting to the school schedule, but overall things are ok.  I have already had to call the special education teacher, and now have a meeting at school early next week.  7th grade is supposed to be this huge jump toward independence, and Bossy just isn't ready for the level they want.  He still needs guidance.

I also had a meeting at school last night for the February Quebec Trip that Sassy would like to go on.  I don't blame looks AMAZING.  She knows we may not be here for it, so I have to clarify the cancellation policy before we do anything. 

School doesn't know about the move yet.  When we have a real date, then we will talk to them.  In the meantime....we have to just plan for a move AND/OR staying.

My boss knows about the move.....a calculated risk.  He is freaked out and would like a DATE when this is going to happen....well, so would I I will tell you as soon as I have one.  The staff doesn't know yet, but he plans on telling them on Monday at our staff meeting.  This week is the usual finalizing of the previous month, which is very time intensive.  Being a short week didn't help.   I have so much to do....hoping that I am just left alone today and I can dig out.

Bossy's palate expander is working!  He is the proud owner of a big gap between his front teeth (totally normal and expected).  He goes for his first check up on Tuesday.  His eating has slowed down, but the discomfort of it seems to have worn off.

And of course there is the true day to day stuff that won't go away....bills, laundry, grocery shopping....all of that has to continue on.

The Move

 Every minute that isn't spent on the day to day stuff is spent talking about the move....getting the house ready....researching this and that.

G-man has been working through the list of repairs and such.  He is kicking himself for not doing alot of this sooner (he doesn't listen to me....) so it has made for a very VERY stressful and tiring week.  I have been packing and decluttering.  This weekend is deep cleaning, and more packing and decluttering.

We have spoken to two realtors in the area, but not too indepth.  We were trying to get a better feel for the market, time frames, etc.  I spoke to one mortgage lender, and the good news is that we would qualify for a mortgage in our price range on just G-man's salary (since I don't have a job there yet....and if we have to do a FHA loan, I need to be employed for 30 days before closing).  However, we still have to deal with that pesky down payment...we are just at the beginning of the process so no answers yet.

I have started looking for a job, but of course I don't have any pieces of the puzzle in place yet.  Well, maybe the bottom right corner.....that one is easy.

The realtor for our CT house will be here on Tuesday, and we are hoping that we are ready to put the house on the market officially.  We have it priced at the top of the market, as we need to clear the mortgage and still deal with all the fees, which will eat up about $13,000.  In comparison to several other homes, we have a more marketable house.  Price wise....we will have to see.

And the house seems to be staging a coup.  All sorts of stuff has "broken" in the past week...lightbulbs burnt out, the bathroom faucet broke, the silverware drawer got stuck.  *sigh*

Not having anything in place is very hard emotionally.  Every step is reliant on the one before....and we just don't have momentum yet.  The kids are handling things as well as can be expected.  But Bossy has definitely been "off" since the news broke.



  1. Moving is always crazy and its likely that everything will feel off until you move.

  2. It's the not having the date yet that would make me nuts. I feel for you. Praying that all goes well and that there is greener grass on the other side!

  3. Fun times, good luck with everything!


  4. It will all work out, but in the mean time....