Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting Closer!

Mad props to military families.  They make an incredible sacrifice to defend our country and others, and in these turbulent times, this is a HUGE commitment.

But they MOVE all the time.  How on EARTH they manage this....I have no idea.  I am about to keel over.

The realtor comes tomorrow morning, and I am crossing my fingers that we are ready.  G-man and I have probably spent 90% of our non-working, non-sleeping hours cleaning, purging, etc.  There is a cathartic feeling of letting some of this stuff go.  And scrubbing things so clean that you are disgusted with yourself that it was that dirty.  Wanna feel like the worst housekeeper in the world?  Clean your house to get ready to sell.

We have sold 2 extra dressers, 2 bookcases, and our electric fireplace.  Net of $125.  I swear there is something else we sold....whatever.  This will cut down on the weight we have to move, and get rid of stuff that we really didn't need.  One dresser was mine from when I was a teen, and was a heavier laminate unit to start (it was later painted).  We used it as storage out of need.  The rest was sitting in my attic.  Buh bye.  We have a few other things listed, but they will probably get donate since there doesn't seem to be interest.  We have previously tried to sell 3/4 of this stuff and there was no interest.....guess it was all timing.

We have re-arranged some furniture and this has thrown Bossy off.  Not terribly off...but enough that he just keeps looking at it.

I need to add up the receipts to see how much we have spent on getting the house ready.  Probably in the $600 range.  Almost half of that was the replacement window sash that has been broken for years.  We looked at getting new glass only...and it was almost as much!  We also had to replace Bossy's large bi-fold closet doors.  We looked at Habitat for Humanity (Thanks Kim!), but they didn't have anything that that was $117.  The rest is paint and beautification.

And today is the day that the staff at the office will find out I am leaving. 

I am really looking forward to "getting on" with it. We still haven't gotten the official orders, but we were told that the transfer unit is backlogged, so it could take a few weeks.  Wednesday will be 2 weeks, so it should be soon.  Then at least we will have a hard date that G-man has to be there.

All of this still is still a little surreal.  


  1. How quickly are houses selling in the neighborhood? hopefully you can sell quickly.

    Is that 600 going on credit or coming out of your savings?


    1. Houses are not selling well...which is why we are working so hopes that we stand out.

      The majority of the move is going on credit. We have house prep, house hunting, and the physical move.....and are estimating about $7000 by the time we are done. That would drain every penny we have including stuff we have pre-saved for, and we would have no safety net. We will pay for what we can as we go, but it isn't going to be pretty in the end.

  2. Not sure how the U.S. military works, but growing up in a Canadian Army home, moving was a breeze. They paid for every single part of the move, sent packers one day, movers the next. If you lived off base, they bought your house if you could not sell it quickly. Back when I was a kid everyone lived on base. Now, hardly anyone does so I am sure the government no longer buys homes.

    Moving was awesome, but for sure CDN military families were not posted nearly as often as Americans. My husband lived on the same base for 10 years and my family lived on one for seven. That is likely unheard of in the U.S.

    Now that I have my own home, selling and moving just seems like way too much work and money.

    1. We aren't military...G-man works for the government as a civilian. We get ZERO help on our relocation. There are positions that do qualify for a relocation package, but G-man is not eligible for those.

      We are taking a calculated risk with this move. We know we are going to backslide, but we are hoping that at least 5k of the move will be tax deductible, so we can recoup some of the expenses. And our quality of life will be so much better once we settle in.

  3. Oh man good luck!!! I don't even know that I would THINK about anything like backsliding or debt or whatever. You gotta get something done and it's a thing that will lead to overall improvement so that cancels out pretty much all the negatives in my book.

    If you were military, it'd be easy peasy. I knew a couple people in the military and it was a lot like what Theresa described. It's a shame G-Man doesn't qualify for relocation.

  4. darn, did it eat my comment?

    GOOD LUCK!!! Don't you even START fretting about backslides and debt and all that stupidity. Stay focused on the good and what needs to happen and get it done.

    And yes if you were military it'd be a lot easier. It's similar to what Theresa described. Shame you guys can't get relocation assistance.

    1. I have comment no, it didn't eat your comment!

      I am not worrying too much about the backslide. The move is going to cost what it is going to cost. And once we are there and we get a better feel for our finances, then we can begin again.

      Who knows....maybe I will find a job with a wicked raise!!