Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy July 4th Weekend!

Happy Independence Day weekend to all you US readers!

Having a 3-day weekend is always a lovely way to relax, gets stuff done....whatever floats your boat.  Around was a little of both.

Huge storms on Thursday resulted in the the town postponing the fireworks until Saturday evening.  July 4 was cool and raining all day.  As a rare event, all 4 of us were home all day on Friday, and for the most part, it was quiet.

G-man and I have a list of things around the house that need to get done, and we agreed that Friday was going to be "clean out the basement."  However, the downpour left the basement wet and icky, and we decided to pick another project....clean out the closet.

I have mentioned before that 104 year old houses do not have alot of closet space.  The closet in our office (or dining room if we used it for its intended purpose) is deep.  Someone along the way added a bar for coats.  But the coats block the shelves, and the shelves tend to get messy. 

I forgot to take a "before" picture, but here is a picture of the closet contents that vomited all over the room (this isn't all of it...the picture was an afterthought!):

And here is the after (before we put the coats back):

We are donating several jackets to Goodwill.  I have 2 boxes of additional things that will go as well, but I am going to offer them to people at work first (they have younger kids).  And I have a big bag of brand new clothes that I probably intended to return, but obviously didn't.  Again, I will offer them at work, and donate whatever is left.    And of course we have several bags of trash, and cardboard to recycle.

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL weather here!  We dropped a car off near the firework display area, and walked from home (we KNEW the kids wouldn't be up for walking home, hence the car).  We walked along the river, the kids got face paint, and enjoyed Italian Ices.

Bossy doesn't do well with fireworks, but we decided to press our luck.  He had noise cancelling headphones, and he made it through about 10-15 min of the display before he melted down.  We think he was just tired (it was about 9:45pm), and in typical fashion...when he is done, he is DONE. He sat in my lap for the rest of the display, whining into my shoulder.   He threw a tantrum at the end about walking back to the car (1 block).  Oh well.  This was a HUGE improvement over the last time we went (2 years ago??) where he started whining before it even started, and threw a wicked tantrum as soon as the display started (G-man ended up having to drag him back to the car because he refused to walk), and he screamed the entire way home, and then some.  Progress!

Today looks to be equally as beautiful out.  I am hoping to get my "chores" done in the morning, and enjoy some time outside this afternoon (I found 2 books in the closet!).  We are having leftovers for dinner (pulled pork), so that is taken care of.

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend as well!!


  1. We decided not to go to the fireworks in town because I would gave had to get the baby up 2 hours after he was already in bed. We had some friends over to shoot off fireworks instead. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! I had a great 4th as well, I posted photos & a recap on my blog :)

  3. Love the pics! Seems like you're having a great 'happily ever after' :)