Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday....let's celebrate!!!

It's the last day of school!!  Huzzah!!!  This day seemed like it was never going to come!!!  The kids came home with all their locker "stuff" yesterday, and this morning consists of the student vs teacher dodge ball game.  Lunch....and home at 12:15pm. 

Both kids came home with awards.  Bossy received the "most improved" award in Science, and Sassy received "excellence" in both Math and Science (which is interesting to us since we always looked at her as excelling in Language Arts).  We are extremely proud of both kids.

G-man had his last shift at his part time job yesterday, and his former manager and the store manager didn't even look at him.  When they demoted him (which has royally screwed up our checkbook since we lost so much money), they figured it was a punishment, and when he learned his lesson, they would restore things to the way it used to be.  They didn't count on him quitting.  So now they are screwed.  Their problem.  You play a game, you need to be prepared to lose.

My boss gave me the afternoon off (PAID!!!!!) to hang with my family.  We are going to take the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 (paid for with our summer fun money), and probably something light for dinner. 

We have friends coming for dinner tomorrow evening, and the Scout Court of Honor on Sunday.  Busy weekend ahead!!!

Next week I have some posts that I am working on....about the house....about the patio set that we didn't get....and a book review!  But for now....I am going to enjoy family and friends for the next couple of days....some beautiful weather....and spend some time relaxing!!!  I hope you do the same.   See ya next week!!!


  1. Why did they demote him to begin with?

    1. The official answer was that his availability didn't meet the needs of the department. ..even though his availability hasn't changed in 8 years and nothing changed in the department. The unofficial reason was that management likes to keep people in line and G-man had spoken up about a few they punished him.