Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A blah blah post

Our week is just zooming by, or maybe because I haven't slept well the past few nights it just seems that everyone/everything is moving super fast.

The kids are still in school (the school year just won't go away!).  This week is non-stop fun school activities, but it will be nice to have a break.  Bossy is going to UCONN today for a college tour, and Sassy goes tomorrow.  I think this field trip is WAY premature....I get that talking about college and thinking about it is important....but they are finishing SIXTH grade.  Do they really need a college tour?

G-man has his last shift at his part time job tomorrow.  He wants to burn his work shirts (he doesn't need to return them, we checked).  I said that burning that much polyester would be bad for our health.  I am sure he will find some way of disposing of them.

The oil company sent the budget plan early this year; it came on Monday to start in September.  I don't know if they are anticipating the oil rate to go up and are trying to get people in at a lower rate or what.  But the oil rate was the same per gallon as we are currently paying.  The monthly charge is within $5 of what we pay now, so as an overall budget item, it is status quo.  We had the oil company come in yesterday to give us an estimate on converting the heating system from oil to gas.  Of course he has to work up the we have no real numbers yet.  This appointment was just to give us an idea of what we are in for.  Some of the energy companies are offering low interest loans for the conversion....early numbers show that our monthly output of money wouldn't change, and we wouldn't see a monthly savings until that was paid off.  None of this is in is all just information gathering.

I should be home early enough today to call BOA about our mortgage insurance.  I think I know the answer based on information that you all so kindly supplied and more research, but I just want to confirm.  Based on those answers we will decide how to proceed when the time is right.

The weather got a little house is sticky.  Not quite time for the A/C units yet, but it is still a little uncomfortable sleeping at night, even with our fan.  Plus, it is just gross to touch is so sticky.

Hope you all are having a good week!!


  1. I've managed to keep my AC off thus far, most of my friends/family have theirs on. It's stayed around 76-78 degrees in my apartment. Now that the temps are resting in the 90s, I had to kick it on to maintain the 77 last night. I keep the blinds/curtains closed & run 2 fans to keep it cool w/o running like crazy.

    1. We have window AC, so once we put those in, those windows are now "non functional" for a breeze. We have one for the downstairs (and 2 ceiling fans), and one in each bedroom. We keep the shades closed and the curtains drawn. We TRY to make it to July before we put them in. But the temps here are going to go back down in a few this should be short lived.

      Some day we hope to have another house...with central AC! We haven't had it since 2001. Oh, and a dishwasher. :)

  2. Still in school?! It's JUNE 16 LOL - Wow that's amazing your AC still off, our has been running non-stop since May, temps here are already 99+ and 100% humidity but luckily my electric for June was only $140.


    1. It is June 18!!! And their last day is June 20, which is legally the last day the can go. If we had any more snow/weather days, they would have had to take them from Spring break.

      Per Weather Channel app...temps will be in the high 70's and lows in the upper 50's by the weekend. Welcome to New England.

  3. You're lucky about the weather... we've already had some heat index in the 100's. Today is supposed to be 97, heat index 106! Yuck yuck yuck. The room I am renting doesn't have AC either. There are 3 AC units, but they don't even try to keep the whole house at a stable temp. It's just too drafty.

  4. In the south they end school in May and begin in early August or even July.

    Turned on the AC two nights ago, but so far, only at night and only a teensy bit. I was trying to hold out and thought we might make it all summer (yeah, right.) One year we made it to July 4. But everything was so damp and humid, like you said - it was gross.