Friday, May 16, 2014

You made it!

Happy Friday!!!!   For those of you having a rough week....and I know at least one around here (Kim!) and one in real life (BFF).....You made it!!!!  It's Friday!

My boss is out the office will be busy.  EVERYONE is going to come into the I am already prepared for that.   I have alot to do, so I am sort of hoping they come in groups....then the all talk to each other and I am less likely to be distracted.

G-man is on travel next week, so our weekend will be spent doing laundry to get ready for the trip (but honestly....we would have been doing laundry anyway).  The "bonus" for our family is that Daddy is home on Sunday because his work week will be a true M-F (and even THAT isn't totally accurate, since Monday and Friday are travel days....he really only is on site T-Th). 

I have some big news to share next stay tuned for that.

In the meantime....enjoy this picture (copied from Pinterest), and have a good weekend!!

'Zen Cat' Shironeko Can Teach Us A Thing Or Two About Happiness


  1. Been reading for a while now and happy to see you guys are making excellent progress with the debt! And thank you for wishing everyone well on Friday! So happy that here, in Canada, we have a 3 day weekend!

    I added you to my blog roll page - hope that's ok with you!

  2. I wouldn't say we are making excellent progress...but we are making progress. Enjoy your 3-day weekend (our upcoming 3-day weekend is next weekend!). And thanks for adding me! I am going to be updating my site soon as well.

  3. Woo hoo, we made it! Thanks for the reminder. It's the small things... looking forward to the news!

  4. Thanks Mysti, I made it! So tired, so happy.