Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So what the heck is today???

I am a date person.  Dates stick in my head.  Dates I really don't need are in my "anniversary" with my high school boyfriend.  Information that hasn't been needed for over 20 years.  Maybe it is like a little plug....if I "forget" it....will that plug open and then important stuff will spill out and be forgotten as well?  Dunno.

Today is May 14...and for some reason I keep thinking today is SOMETHING I should know.  It will probably drive me nuts most of the day.

I started thinking about it last night while I was paying bills.  First I thought I had a bill that was I went through all the bills....nope.  I did pay the bills that needed to be paid, balanced the checkbook, transferred the money for the water bill and car registration (both aren't due for a few weeks, but I have the money saved so I might as well just pay the bills and be done with it).

It isn't anyone's birthday or anniversary. It isn't one of those random days that I remember because it is just stuck in there (like May 18 was the day I found out I was pregnant with Bossy and Sassy...).

Nothing "special" at school.  Bossy has scouts tonight, but that is because it is Wednesday, not because it is May 14. 

Nothing due at work.  I made a To Do list before I went home last night, and typically my work is "rolling" without hard deadlines.  A few things have hard dates....but none of those dates are the 14th.

So I am at a loss.  No idea what today is.

Maybe you guys know....maybe today is YOUR birthday.....or something else.  Or maybe today is National French Fry Day.  Any thoughts on what today is??


  1. Replies
    1. Nope...that is just a Wednesday thing.

      I "think" there was a fundraiser at school that got moved and today's date is sticking in my head as the original date.

  2. The day Kim has a break down over the Wizard of Oz?

    1. Maybe....maybe I was having a pre-cognitive episode and was feeling the WoO stress all the way here in CT. Freaky!

  3. My Birthday! The day Lewis & Clark left for their historic trip!