Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Friday, Happy Moments

Happy Friday!  My week flew by, and I hope yours did as well.

As a change of are a few things that made me happy this week.  In the grand scheme of things, none of these matter.  But when you just have those little moments of *smile*, it really can turn your world around, even if it is just for a second.

We put the snow shovels away, and although our yard is a big squishy is clear of snow.  The crocuses are in full bloom....and my perennials are coming back!!!

Words with Friends!!
G-man and I almost always have a game going.  Over time, he has gotten much better, so alot of our games come down to the wire.  However, I had a terrific game Wednesday night!!!  I had a 126 point word, followed by a 93 point word!  End score was 614 (shattering my previous high score of 516) to 216!!!  G-man wasn't even bummed...he just was excited for me that I got over 600!

Grand Wagoneer!


This wasn't THE one I saw....but it is the same color (blue with that lovely faux wood panel!  Sexy!    NOT!!!!!! )  The reason I smiled....the one I saw had "antique car" plates.  I think a car has to be 40 years old to qualify for those plates.  I smiled for 2 reasons:  1)  They are just so ugly, I have no idea why someone really wants one....but having a 40 year old car is still something to celebrate, and 2)  It brings me back to when I was pregnant with Sassy and Bossy.  I wanted them to have 2 middle names (and the ones I wanted acquired taste.....) and G-man didn't want it.  He countered with "if I can have a Grand Wagoneer, then you can have 2 middle names."  Needless to say....we do not have have a Grand Wagoneer.....and my children each have one middle name (but they are still unique names, and I love them).

Little Kids

We have a new employee (per diem, so she won't be in the office much) and on Monday she had to drop something off, and had her 2 kids in tow.  Beautiful children....lots of blonde hair!  Her older daughter is 3, and just a cutie patootie.  She really wanted to meet my boss's dog (English Bulldog), who is very very friendly, albeit a little excited when children come into the office.  He stood by the gate waiting to get some attention, and this little girl all of a sudden got a little nervous.  It was so darn cute to see her squatting, with her hands on her face, trying to decide if she was going to get any closer.  She decided that maybe NEXT time she comes to the office, she will pet him.  She did wave bye to the dog though.  :)

Have a great weekend!!!!!


  1. Yay for spring, although a mole has made a serious mess of our front yard. I mean bad enough that people slow down to stare when they drive by :) I feel like putting up a sign "anyone up for whac-a-mole?"

    Grand Wagoneers are indeed ugly. I never understood why anyone would want to have those fake wood panels on their cars. I suppose in the 70's and 80's people thought it looked cool. I remember in about 1983 my friends family got a Reliant K car with wood panels. I thought they were so freakin lucky!!!! I wanted my parents to ditch our embarrassing yellow 1977 Volare and buy one. Sadly, my parents just were not cool enough. One day my mom told me we were getting a new car. I remember the anticipation waiting for my dad to bring it home. My brother was stoked(he was about 17 at the time) until my dad pulled into the driveway in a 1978 brighter yellow Volare!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband(who was my brothers best friend back then) still laughs about it today. Man, talk about depressing!!!!

    Thanks for making me think about ugly gave me a good laugh!

    1. I really don't get G-man's facination with them....

      Growing up, my pareents had a Maverick. Bright yellow! Must have been the "it" color of the 70's for cars. When it died...they got a station wagon. The station wagon was the right of passage of the 80's that is my family mobile. Just like a mini van now (Hey HS....what is the good word on the SUV vs Van debate???)

  2. Yeah for spring, yeah for Mysti's big score ( on her game just in case Judy or Sluggy read this). Also my kids have very unusual names I love them.

    1. Who said I didn't have a big score, outside of the game? ;)

      My son's first name is traditional, with a unique middle name. And Sassy....her first name is actually a boy's name with a feminine spelling, and another unique middle. My twin girls also had boy names. dunno, guess I am not a girl name kind of gal!!

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