Thursday, March 13, 2014

Got my wish....

I am home with Bossy today.

He was home on Monday, back at school on Tuesday.  Wednesday morning he woke up and didn't look great, but I sent him to school.  The nurse called at noon and said come get him (which Daddy did, since he was 2 minutes from school, vs my 30 min).  The nurse said that the kids are all dropping like flies.  There are 2 nasty bugs going around (the "cold" one that Bossy has, and a vomit one (thank you for not having this one, Bossy!).  Considering that neither of my kids have been sick all winter....I think we are getting off easy.

Since G-man called out on Monday, and left 1 hour early yesterday...he couldn't take any more time.  Or more to the point...any more time would have led to a world of problems with management....who already would like him to quit (yet, keep putting him on the schedule for more hours since they are low staffed???). I already talked to my boss yesterday, and just confirmed via email (which is his preferred method these days) that I would be home taking care of my sickie. 

He is supposed to go "camping" this weekend (it is indoors, in the basement of the Church), but unless he is well, he isn't going.  The event is 4pm -10:30am Saturday into Sunday.  They are having pizza and popcorn, and will be working on some indoor skills.  We already know that he just doesn't function well when he is even a little under the this is probably out. 

We had planned a full day of "bulk cooking" (which was planned when the camping trip was going to be a usual one...drop off at 8am....) and we were going to take Sassy to see Divergent (until Mommy realized it doesn't start until NEXT weekend).  

I think this weekend was just not meant to be!!!

G-man is still at the tail end of the cold that he had last weekend (which seems to be a different type of bug than what Bossy has), and I am just hoping that the boys of the house do not share the "love" with the girls!  My friend at work had her twin boys on March 2, and as of today....they both will be home!!!!  I talked to her yesterday and she wants me to come over....but I told her until everyone is well......I will stay away.  So I am highly motivated to not get sick, and to get rid of the germs in the house.

So, here's to a day home with a sickie...listening to the wind storm that we have today (the snow decided to hit north of us....earlier this week we were getting 4 to 8 inches)....wiping down the bathrooms and door knobs....and catching up with my Disney, Jr  TV.


  1. Sorry, I have my 27 year old home sick! Yeah that's right 27 and she came home.

  2. This year's flu/cold's a bad one. My husband never gets sick usually...this year, he was sick for nearly a week. Hope your husband feels better!