Monday, January 27, 2014

Sharing some creative stuff

One thing that I have learned through all my volunteering is how much I love to plan an event.  They are alot of work, but I really love the planning!  And the decorating....I get to be creative for a purpose.  Actually, I would love to do event planning as a job....which is what I just applied for.... but we will see what happens.

So for today, I present to you a baby shower that I helped host for my work friend, D.  D is so super sweet and always goes out of her way for people.  D  is having twin boys and has been waiting so long for this.  I loved being able to do this for her.  Additionally, I wanted to give her the shower that I really never had (that is another story....).  Lest you think this was about me....this was all about her.  But I loved knowing that this shower was at least thoughtful, and given from a genuine place.

And as a bonus....I get to cuddle babies and have none of the responsibility!


There were three of us (me, plus M1 and M2) who took on the task (and shared the expense).  The shower was held at M1's, so it was more cozy.  D really didn't want a BIG shower, as her family was throwing her one that was destined to be out of control.  In total, we invited 16 people (including ourselves and the Mommy to Be), and 11 came.

The three of us got together in November and went over our thoughts on everything, and came up with a plan.  The plan ended up changing along the way here and there, but 2 of the 3 of us are planners, and the 3rd is just neurotic about it worked.  The theme was "Two Peas in a Pod."


I made the invitations myself, and was very happy with how they came out. It is printed vellum layered over printed card stock.  And tied together with a flat bow.


The other girls stated they were not by default I became the decorations person.  I knew I wanted to make a diaper cake, and I found a diaper bouquet picture as well.  Not that I had ever made any of them...but hey, I craft....I will figure it out.  Now that I have made them, I love them!  I will say that the cost of them can get up there if you are not careful.  If I ever have the opportunity to do it again, I think I will make one to give as my gift...not just to add to the decor.

I bought a big box of diapers, and was able to make 2 cakes (two babies, two cakes!) and the bouquet.  Before I decorated the layers, I just had the layers stacked all together to save space, and man, I would have LOVED to have kept it that way.  It just looked too cool.  But I am happy with how the two cakes came out.

The bouquet was a learning experience.  It is ok.  Not thrilled with it, but it isn't bad.

We knew we wanted to make a banner as well, so I played around with the size of things until I found a good combination of triangles, then cut and glued it all.  Sticking with the theme, I spelled it all out and used the same graphic from the invitations to use as spacers.

Pom poms are about as cheap as cheap gets when it comes to decor.  It is tissue paper and curling ribbon.  I highly recommend them if you are going for "bang for the buck."  Of course this event was being held in M1's home, so our decorating was limited around her furnishings and what she was willing to do to her home!  I don't have a good picture....but there is a pom pom in the picture below.


D is not a shower games kind of girl.  She would not have enjoyed having toilet paper around her belly to see how many squares it takes.  Nor would she want to eat baby food and guess the flavor or any of the other games that are typical.  So we kept it low key.

We did Guess the Birthday...and the winner without going over will get a small token prize.

And we decorated onesies.  I really wanted to do 2 onesies per guest (2 babies....), and as the mom of twins, I am very aware of the tendency for people to see twins as a unit, vs individual people.  But M2 was complaining about it, so we did 1 onesie per guest.


M1 made alot of the food.  She figured it was her house, so it was easier than transporting stuff.  M2 also made some food.  I made a salad (since I did all the other stuff).  We had a few guests offer to bring items, so that helped us out.

One girl offered to bring the cake.  I had to let my perfectionism go on this one.  I said "sure!  Thank you so much!"  I wanted a cake that matched the theme, but I had to let it go.


The favors turned into a big drama due to the weather.  We ordered custom cookies, and they were shipped right when a big storm hit the mid-west!  The ended up coming a day late, so we handed them out a little late.  This is a stock picture of them from the Etsy shop, to protect the name of the Mommy to Be!

Everything came together, and it was so much fun to do!  I can't wait to meet Bippity and Boppity (D isn't sharing names until they that is what I call them).  D seemed to enjoy everything, so I consider it a success!!!


  1. Since you're obviously avoiding the subject of paying off debt, maybe you should just turn this into a blog about your life and change the name.

    1. I am not really sure why you are so hostile or hung up on when I choose to share information. If you aren't interested in what I post, then don't read it.

      But just so you know....I have already written the update, and it is set to post on Wednesday and Thursday (2 parts). Since I came back after the month started, I wanted to wait until the "1st" so I had up to date numbers.

    2. Mysti..... some comments just do not need to be acknowledged. That was just snarky and uncalled for on Lisa's part.

    3. You are absolutely right...thank you for the reminder.

  2. The diaper cake is adorable!! Great job!

    And I hope you don't let people get under your skin this time around...your blog so you can write what you want. I personally love reading your real life posts as well as your debt repayment ones! Just my two cents! :)

  3. Love the guess the birthday game and how you set it up with the frames. And as a mom of twins myself, I agree two onesies would've been nice per guest. The ones pictured look cute. Great job on the shower!

    1. Maybe it is just a multiples mom get sensitive that people don't see them as individuals. In my kids' lives....we have called them "the twins" maybe once!

  4. I love to plan things like this and you would be so good at event planning. You did a great job. That cake looks good even if you did not make it!

    1. The cake was very rich. A small piece went far.

  5. I am the same way - I LOVE to plan. What a great job on the shower! Everything is just too cute!

    I am very sorry your blog brings so much negativity. Please know, their comments have nothing to do with you - it is a reflection of their selves.

  6. Looks like it was a great success!!! You did a wonderful job! :)

  7. Good luck with the job you applied for!

    I love the food planning and making. I'm not good at decorating. I don't know a pregnant person that wants to have people guess how many toilet paper squares they are. You feel so big at the end. Good for you for not putting your friend through that. You are a very nice and considerate friend.

  8. Looks awesome! Love baby showers, so many new baby products out there now to be tempted by.

  9. Wow! Everything looked amazing and so pretty! Also, I love getting updates about your life. Your blog your rules. Don't let anyone's negativity bring you down. :) Just saw this the other day and it made me laugh: People that judge others need to keep the verdict to themselves. I hope you have an amazing day.

  10. Thank you all!!! It was so much fun putting it together for her. She is 32 babies will be here before we know it!

  11. Wow, Mysti - you are a great friend! What a fantastic jo you did with the decoration, the cake looks yummy (even though it didn't match the theme) & I love those cookies!!! I'm sure mommy to be enjoyed everything about it, & all the love that went into planning it!