Thursday, October 10, 2013

Quick updates on recent stuff

Thank you all for your well wishes for my brother.  I tried to call him last night, but no one answered.  I am hoping that if something IS going on that his girlfriend would call at least my parents.  But Bro is stubborn, and it is possible she told him not to call.

Meanwhile, I spoke to my father.  He is a little more appropriately upset than my Bro led me to believe.  I will chalk that one up to 1) men, and 2) pain meds.  My dad wanted to know if I knew how Bro felt about someone dying in the accident.  My thoughts on that one:

  1. Bro is really black and white when it comes to things.  The accident wasn't his fault.  Ergo,  he doesn't need to think about the others.
  2. Bro isn't the most touchy feely person to start with.
  3. I don't think he has actually processed everything yet.

I will let you all know if anything changes. In the meantime, I am guessing he is going to be HURTING for awhile.


In other minor news.....

  1. My direct deposit worked yesterday, so for the first time in almost 6 years, I didn't have to take my paycheck to the bank.  Boss freaked a little because he thought that direct deposit would hit midnight Wednesday into Thursday, not midnight Tuesday into Wednesday.  He also felt "left out" of the process because he didn't have to sign the checks.  Whatever.
  2. My MIL officially booked her Christmas trip, so let the panic begin!  (75 days until Christmas, people!!!) Not sure why she booked her return trip at 8:30am instead of Noon.....same price.  Guess she really can't wait to get home.
  3. G-man and I have had some budget talks (that will be a separate post), and we have agreed on a few changes.  There are still more that I would like to make, but we haven't gotten that far yet.
  4.  No real car news yet.  G-man looked at a few things, but he is still wrapping his head around the fact that these cars aren't what he wants.   Additionally....he is STILL looking at price and aesthetics.   He needs to look at the value of the car, reliability, etc.  I am hoping to have this all settled by the end of the month. 

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. There is really no understanding how people process tragedy. 3 weeks ago, my daughter texted me from the bus to tell me her 15 year old friend committed suicide. I was completely distraught. I asked her if she wanted to get off the bus and I would get her. She wanted to go to school and seemed (through texts) to be doing okay. About an hour into school she called home asking for me to pick her up as she felt sick. When I got her out of the building she broke down. After the 30 minute drive home, she was calm again and has not shed a tear or talked about it much since(even at/after) the memorial. I on the other hand, cried for days and still am grieving that a child was in too much pain to see beyond it. I worried that my daughter was/ is not processing it appropriately. My sister who is a Child and Youth Worker told me that teenagers process things differently than adults. Likewise each adult processes things different from each other.

    All that to say, I am sure your mom and dad are(internally) at least, grateful and relieved that they are not burying their only son. I attended a funeral for an old friend last year killed by a drunk driver at the age of 36. His mother spoke at the funeral and threw in a few "laughs", her voice didn't waiver and no tears were shed. To some it came across as cold and heartless. I still shake my head actually. Perhaps though, the shock had not worn off and she was coping the best she could.

    Maybe this will be the catalyst for change in your parents.

  2. 1) Hurray for DD to work. It's kind of cute and funny that the boss feels left out by not signing the checks... I'd think he was happy about it!
    2) At least now you know and can plan around... hopefully that's the last of Holidays limbo from them.
    3) Being on the page is important. Good job for getting those talks out there, in the midst of so much going on.
    4) I hope you and G-man can write a guest post about how you picked the car you want... I have a rough idea of the vehicle I want, but it's mostly word of mouth reviews and aesthetics. And price, of course. If I can't afford it, I wont consider it.