Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Get over yourselves

We take a break today from finance.....

My brother (my only sibling), was in a horrific car accident yesterday.  He was on his way to work on a major interstate during early morning, and a 20 year old driver fell asleep at the wheel (based on some information, he was probably driving all night), crossed the median, and hit him head on.  His passenger was reportedly ejected from the car and pronounced dead at the scene.

My brother's car ricocheted off the car that hit him, and went into two other cars.  The drivers of both of those cars were ok. My brother has no idea how he got the car door open (especially after he saw the car).  But he got out, and someone helped lead him from the area until the police and paramedics arrived. 

He has 2 black eyes, a huge bruise from shoulder to hip from the seatbelt.  His elbow is torn up from going through the side window.  He still had more bruises forming last night. He goes in today for a brain scan to make sure there is no bleeding.  He is pretty banged up, but lucky to be alive.

His car is totaled.  He got it a month ago.  The entire car is smashed and folded upon itself.  The debris from the accident covered the entire 4 lane highway and closed things for 3 hrs.

So.....this is what I have to say....

1)  To my parents.  How the EFF can you not be upset about this???  Your only son was almost KILLED!  And your "let me know how you are doing" attitude totally disgusts me.  I am really hoping that internally you are more upset than you appeared to your son.  (based on his phone conversation with them, he said they were ok with everything).

2)  To the stupid people who are arguing in the comments section of one particular newspaper....Some of you complained about missing your meeting.  Some complained about the traffic in the area.  Seriously???  How could you pass by the wreckage and not say to yourself WOW??? A person died.  People were hurt.  And you chose this to be your forum to complain about the traffic.

3)  To the driver of the car that hit my brother.  You had no business being on the road.  There are about a zillion rest stops along that road.  If you were that tired, pull over and take a nap.  You don't have insurance.  Thanks so much for that.  You killed your will now have to live with that.

4)  To the police.  While I thank you for your charged the driver with reckless driving.  That's it????  He killed a person.   You can't charge him with something a little more weighty???

5)  To my bro.  Dude....we don't always get along.  But you are my brother and I love ya.  I am so sorry you got hurt, but I am glad you are going to be ok.

I have not seen upclose pictures of the car(s).  Bro spent several hours at the hospital and was released home.  He and his girlfriend (common law wife?) had to go to the tow yard to get some things from the car.  Bro took pictures of the mangled car and will send them to me when he has a chance.  He said there were pieces of his car that were just laying on the roof.  The front seat is now in the back seat.  Every panel is crumpled and squished.  Everyone has told him they have no idea how he walked away from it.  Bro thinks that it happened so fast that he didn't have time to be scared or tense up. keep my brother in your thoughts.


  1. Glad your brother is okay. Will keep him in prayer. So scary to think about the multitudes of tired and or distracted drivers on the roads these days.

  2. I'm so sorry! Glad to hear he is ok. It's amazing how others can get so bend out of shape over a missed meeting, etc, huh?
    Will put him in our prayers.

  3. It is amazing that he walked away from that accident. The other driver will likely be charged with vehicular manslaughter but they usually wait to charge that so they can build a solid case. Hugs for you, Mysti.

  4. How awful! Definitely thinking of you and your brother today!

  5. Thank you for sharing this today - you will most definitely get my prayers for your bro, for you, for your parents, for the family who lost someone in that crash. Take care. FMx

  6. That's awful. I'm glad your brother is alive, especially after a head-on collision... I hope the CT scan comes clear and he makes a good recovery and that his shoulder can maintain full motion. I do think that if someone was killed and someone else at fault, it would have to be manslaughter, but as they say... innocent until proven guilty. I think right now, all they want to do is take care of the injured and rebuild.

  7. You and your brother are in my thoughts and prayers today!! I am so glad he is alive and doing well!!!

  8. Prays being said for your brother and for all involved in that accident.

  9. I am so sorry. I hope he recovers. The young man who caused the accident never will. I will keep him in my prayers.

  10. So thankful your brother survived this awful crash. Money matters really irrelevant when it comes to things like this.

  11. What a wake-up call about all the small things in relieved for you Mysti that you still have your brother this morning. And thoughts and prayers to all involved, especially the family of the person who was killed. I hope your brother will be ok once the reality hits home in a day or two.

  12. Glad he seems to have escaped without worse injuries. And its entirely possible the police will upgrade the charges after the iinvestigation.