Saturday, October 12, 2013

Proven Wrong

G-man is having a hard time wrapping his head around our money situation.  He totally wants to wait a few weeks on the car to see what happens with the government.  The BACKUP plan is if his car just croaks completely, we will FLOAT a loan from his mom until we finalize anything.  But that is totally a back up plan.  OK, so no buying a car right now.

But day to day things....*sigh*

We have alot of personal care and household items to purchase.  Fridge is empty.  These things are the priority of purchases.  And even then, the quantity and quality of what we usually purchase will need to change.

We were discussing what to have for dinner....and he said "something grilled and beefy."  ARE YOU KIDDING?  If we had it in the freezer, then fine.  But we don't.  And I am not going to go and spend money that we will need for other expenses and bills on one dinner.

He also asked if I wanted to the get the paint samples for the living room (we have a GC for Lowe's that came with the stove purchase, and Lowe's isn't going to get us too far on the grocery and personal care front.).  While I would love to get going on this....we have other priorities at the moment!

He is not understanding that the pay he will get on Tuesday is not available for spending.  Let's pretend it all goes into the "mortgage" account.    That amount will equate to 41% of the mortgage payment that is due on Nov 1.  And unless things are up and running....the other 59% is going to come from our savings. 

He keeps telling me that we will get the money eventually.  And yes we will.  But eventually....means just that.  Eventually doesn't have a date.  So until eventually happens, we have to make due with the money we have.


Sink further into debt.

He doesn't understand that unless we stick to the budget, that the Christmas money will disappear, and won't be replenished. 

He doesn't appreciate that once we get the car, things will be tighter, and that we will be set back.

Everytime I think he gets it....he proves me wrong.


  1. I know this doesn't help for now, but after this experience you might want to start a small stock-pile of food/personal care items. It's as simple as watching for sales and buying two or three of something you use at its best price, i.e. shampoo on sale, peanut butter, etc. We probably have enough food/soaps, etc., from doing this that we could deal with a layoff/pay issue by living off our stockpile for a couple months and using the grocery money to pay bills.

  2. Maybe he just doesn't worry as much in general? I don't know. I'm sorry though - you are in a tough situation.

  3. I just found your blog and would like to start reading from the beginning, but I can't find archives anywhere ...??

    1. I don't have the archive thing turned on. But thanks for finding me, and here is a link to the beginning!

  4. Although this is an older post, I'm new to this blog so only now, i'm going through all the posts and this one resonates with me since my S.O. also is like your G-man. Sometimes, I think that women are just better at planning/prioritizing, j/k.

    We do not have kids (can't have any unfortunately due medical problems, etc) so I understand it takes alot more planning on your behalf to keep your household on track during times like this. We're struggling with the mismatch of income level and debt/bills level as well. Like your husband, we are both still learning and keeping to priorities.