Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The good news is that G-man's paycheck was larger than we expected.  Although I calculated his gross pay within a few dollars, what comes out as pre vs post tax was off.  So yay! It still was only 58% of his usual pay, so no celebrating.  The direct deposits were odd.  The car deposit went through (per pay stub, but hasn't arrived in the credit union system yet).  The remainder went into our checking.  Usually the car and the mortgage accounts are funded first, but whatever.  We transferred 2/3 of what we got into the mortgage account.  With the savings account, we have enough to cover the mortgage for November, in case there is no paycheck in 2 weeks.

I paid half of the utility bills.  Minimums on a few things.  Stopped the auto debit for our Christmas, Cat, Boat, Kids, and Medical accounts that we contribute to bi-weekly.  Didn't put money aside toward my week off at Christmas.

So far, no using of CC.

We are a little bummed about the upcoming weekend.  Bossy is going on his first ever overnight camping trip (I am totally stressed, but I have to remember that he tends to do better for other people than us.  Plus the boys that are going are very nice, the leaders are well aware of his issues, and one of the dads we know from elementary school is also going.)  So from late Saturday morning until noon on Sunday, we will only have 1 kid!

And we really wish we could do something more than what we can with her.  She gets to pick dinner  and then we will figure out a movie on demand or game.  We had planned on taking her out for dinner and maybe a movie or something else out.  But that isn't in the budget.

Meanwhile...we still have 9 days before we will know for sure if G-man will get paid in 2 weeks.  Payroll needs to be transmitted by 4pm on Oct 24.  So if the government hasn't figured it out by then.....

G-man wanted to call all of our creditors and let them know what is going on.  I agree we should be the ones to call first, but I don't think we are at that point yet.  If payroll is sorted out in 2 weeks, we will catch everything up and that will be that.  No need to be an alarmist yet.

It is a little frustrating to not be able to do some things as planned.  I am chomping at the bit to do my Christmas shopping.  We saved the money for this purpose with the intention of being able to do the shopping early.  But in case we need to dip into that pot, I can't spend it.

Of course I am now more upset than I was about the stove dying over the summer.  We took a huge chunk of our EF to replace it.  Now that money is gone and boy it would have been nice to have it now.

Muddle, muddle, muddle.


  1. With what to do with your daughter: On those rare evenings when we are home alone with just one of our children, we turn OFF electronics, including t.v., unless it is a movie we already own or borrowed from the library. When it is my daughter home, she and I do crafts, or work in the kitchen. (Youngest son loves this too.) Dh uses time to do things like stack wood, set the burn pile, prune blackberries with the child at home. No $$$$ spent but memories made, and they get (I hope) a sense of appreciating their home.

  2. It's good that you are thinking ahead and being proactive instead of just sticking your financial head in the sand or just waiting for something to happen. I just wish for your sake that it hadn't come down to that. You are looking out for your family and you should be proud of yourself! I was trying to think of some ideas for you and your daughter...she's in 5th or 6th grade right? If I'm wrong....sorry!
    -If you do a movie night-maybe make homemade popcorn on the stove...so much better and cheaper in the long run :) or maybe make chocolate chip cookies or brownies together?
    -You could set up a nail salon using just things you have from home and paint her nails/have a "spa day"
    -If the weather is getting colder make some hot chocolate for both of you and maybe go on a nice walk together around the neighborhood-just the two of you! It's also a great time just to talk about anything together and it might be nice if the leaves are already changing.
    - If the weather permits...go on a family picnic together at a park if there is one near your house. Nothing fancy...just a blanket and what you would normally eat for lunch. If there isn't a park near your house and if the weather isn't too bad-have your picnic in the backyard.
    It doesn't have to cost money-it just has to be a little out of the ordinary to make it special for your daughter. Hope some of these ideas might help. All of these ideas are based on if you have them already (food products) in your house...I don't want to make suggestions that will cost you money. :)

  3. Actually, I don't think it's a terrible idea to call the creditors now ahead of time and let them know, plus know what options are available. If there are options and you don't need them, great. It's better to have them and not use them than need them and not have them because they're not available.

    I like SSG's idea of a spa-day for the both of you. All the extra pampering can be done with things you already own, or you can make your own (like your own skin rubs or avocado mascaras). Could be fun if she's up for that stuff.

  4. I like car picnics even in the rain or freezing weather. A simple sandwich and a drink are special in the rain or when it is cold out.

    With my mother I liked her getting out old pictures and the contents of her ancient trunk and looking at pictures and her dolls from childhood when no other little ones were around.

    Board games would be better than a movie for interacting.