Sunday, October 6, 2013

Being responsible

Now that the kids are a little older, we have ventured into the realm of letting them stay home alone for short periods of time.  The longest has been about 2 hrs.  And we have not left them alone at night.

Yesterday morning, I thought maybe G-man and I would have a mini-date to Home Depot or Walmart to get some spray paint.  Have out....maybe wander around for a few extra minutes.

Somehow this turned into a discussion about grabbing dinner.  Neither of us were feeling the "meatloaf love" that I had defrosted for dinner.  G-man suggested Chinese (the kids don't like it), and the "good" place is about 15-20 min away.  Well......there are a few things I need to return that are on their way to the Chinese place......

But I wasn't really feeling that for somehow the BBQ place that we haven't tried yet came up.  And there is an ACE hardware in that shopping plaza......

Now we are thinking about BBQ.  We didn't have a ton of potatoes left to go with the meatloaf....definitely enough for the kids though.  So we can feed the kids....go get some BBQ and spray paint.  YAY!


Oh yeah, government shutdown.....dead car.....

This is NOT the time to be spending money on eating out.  So we ate our meatloaf....

We ended up not even getting the spray paint, as I am now fighting a wicked cold that started Friday night, and over the course of Saturday progressed.

Being responsible just isn't fun sometimes.


  1. Yeah it's a drag, sorry about the cold. I have one also.

  2. I agree, being responsible is not always fun - but it usually pays off, right?

    We haven't been going anywhere on the weekends in an effort to save money. Next Friday, we are planning to go out for dinner as a family - it will probably be Steak & Shake where we can each get a $3.99 meal and order water - but at least they will serve us at the table. It's ridiculous how much I'm looking forward to those greasy burgers & fries.

  3. I'm right there with you. Being responsible is yucky sometimes. And feel better soon!!!!

  4. Being responsible sucks. That's the end of it. Hope it all goes well with leaving the kids alone at home... growing up, it'd be me and older brother taking care of 3 toddlers, being toddlers ourselves. (Well, there is a 9 year difference from youngest to oldest with us kids). The house was locked and my parents were the only ones with keys. This was at the beginning of cellphones, so my dad was the only one that had a huge Motorola one. We all survived, if it makes you feel any better!