Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello Modern Times!

I did something yesterday that I am hoping to not have to do again.....I deposited my pay check.

No, I didn't quit my job. 

My boss FINALLY moved out of the dark ages, and decided to offer direct deposit!!  It is an incredible exciting, and slightly annoying change.

See, we have had a few staffing changes lately.  The one that is kicking us in the teeth is that we hired a full time person to be able to expand the business.  And 10 days after she started, another full time person quit, along with a part time person.  Oh, and the supervisor of all of these people....announced she is pregnant with twins. (so excited for her!!!)

It has made for a very hectic month.

The full time person who quit mainly said her reason was the benefit package.  Insurance is VERY expensive at my company (I never paid that much attention since I am on G-man's plan).  No 401k option.  And several other things.

So my boss, in typical "him" mode.....decided he needed to keep the troops happy.  He doesn't want other to jump ship.  Within 2 days, he had all sorts of people come in to present different option to him.  Since I am there....I watched it all.  

The one he is rolling out now is direct deposit.  There will be more in the future.  But direct deposit is now.  Or more to the 2 weeks at next payday.

In order to have the deposit active for 2 weeks, we had to fill out the paperwork no later than tomorrow.  The majority of it was, address, banking info.  Now we get to the annoying part.

Additionally, the form asked for your hire date, and your tax information.

If one more person asks me for their hire date and their tax stuff....I am going to lose it.  I told everyone in our staff meeting (which Boss bought us all a "taco bar" for lunch, as a thank you for dealing with the hectic month) that their tax info is on their paystub.  Just copy it onto the form.

Everyone is sure that something is going to go wrong with their tax stuff.  So they keep asking me if I have access to their old forms.  NO!  I don't.  Those things are locked up in Boss office, and I have NEVER seen them, other to know where they are kept.  Then they march to his office and ask for them, and he won't give it to them because he is being a pain about it.

So then they come back to my office and say "my stub says what do I write?"  Write THAT!

Then we go to the hire date....rinse and repeat.  Your hiring information is in the same place as your tax stuff....the same place that I told you 30 seconds ago that I don't have access to.  Boss said it wasn't his came from the payroll people.  Just guess.

Just guess.....yea, because when you are talking about people's paycheck, that works.

(honestly...the hire date isn't is just an archival thing in the payroll system.  I used to do payroll for another company)

I am hoping that everyone has figured it out.....because I have no interest in having the same conversation again (hello, Groundhog Day).  

Meanwhile....I am anxiously waiting to see my test $0.01 deposit and withdrawal.  And in two weeks....I won't have to go to the bank!!!!


  1. that seems strange that they would need your hire date and tax info to do a direct deposit. We have direct deposit and just need a voided check/bank info from the employee to start it up. What a pain for you to deal with! Does another company do your payroll or someone in house? That person should have everyone's tax info easily accessible, either way.

  2. My boss is the owner....he has always done payroll in house. Heck...when I started I had hand written checks. He has now hired an outside company.

  3. I was going to say... hire date is irrelevant for direct deposit purposes. I'm surprised they ask that. And tax stuff? I wonder what sort of stuff would they need that the W-4 form wouldn't provide? It's funny how they expect you to know those things... whereas most people would be paranoid of ANYONE else outside the payroll dept or HR dept knowing their stuff.

  4. It sounds like you are probably getting other better benefits, too. Its too bad that people had to quit for your boss to figure out that you need better benefits.