Friday, August 30, 2013

All that kid and school stuff

Just as a follow-up....Sassy's forehead totally broke out from the eyebrow waxing.  It is going down, but WOW.  I really don't think she will do THAT again.
 The kids had a good birthday yesterday.  We ALMOST had them convinced it wasn't their birthday, but eventually gave in.

We all went to the Peabody Museum at Yale in the morning.  The kids wanted to see the Ancient Egypt exhibit.  They were able to see their names spelled out in hieroglyphics.  Sassy really enjoyed the Rock and Gem room (what girl doesn't like a little bling???).  Bossy was all about the Dinosaurs.

Lunch was pizza....followed by a family trip to the movies (super rare treat for us). 

They each picked what they wanted for dinner and cake.  Bossy wanted buttered pasta, and a plain vanilla cake (no frosting).  Sassy  wanted Pancakes and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.  After we sang "Happy Birthday," Bossy had ZERO interest in the cake.  Didn't even want us to cut it.  He just wanted to be excused.  

 As for school, we have had nothing but "problems" all this week, and school didn't start until today!!!

First the nurse said she didn't have Bossy's forms (um, yes you do...we did it in June).  Then she found them....but didn't "like" the form from the allergist.  She called them to follow-up.  Whatever.

We got the bus assignment in the mail, and when I took the kids by their new stop (totally different place than elementary school), there was a teenage kid in the house by the stop....smoking a bowl of weed!  He was in the window puffing away.  Oh no.....

By calling to complain about this, we found a HUGE error from transportation.  Lots of phone calls.  G-man got to talk to our least favorite person at Pupil Services, who hung up on him.  I would really like to think that the call just dropped....but we are pretty sure she hung up on him.  I swear, we have NEVER had a school year start ok with the bussing.

We did get the kids moved to another stop...but we said "that is fine for our kids...but what about all the others???"   *chirp chirp chirp*  They "will look into it."  Terrific.

Then today was the first day of school.  We had to get up earlier than usual....which will take some getting used to for ALL of us.  The bus should pick them up about 7:30am.  They had a somewhat modified schedule today....extended homeroom to get their schedules, lockers, etc.  Lunch is 11:18am, so I am guessing they will be starving by dinner time.  Sassy met some new friends, and Bossy was glad to see some familiar faces.  They said they had a good day.  

No one seemed to explain to the kids what they are supposed to be doing, or have, or carry or anything.  I am really hoping that they are just easing the kids into things.  Or here is an idea....tell the PARENTS, and ease the kids in.

I don't think that Mommy is going to survive all of this.......


  1. I wonder... couldn't you call the non-emergency police form? I am sure they would issue something to keep that teen away from a kid's bus stop. Or they should, anyway...

    Deep breath. It's the first day, I am sure things always get hectic no matter how much planning goes in. As long as the kids are having fun, I think being overly stressed is only going to affect them negatively. And, YUM for the cake. I think I'll add carrot cake to my grocery shopping list, now that we're on that topic...

  2. Oh dear. Sending you some peaceful thoughts!

  3. Happy birthday to the kids - they both look so grown up & adorable!

  4. Happy Birthday to your babies! Your kids are Beautiful!! Sassy's eyebrows look nice too, no obvious signs of the damage she did with the razor.

    Our 1st day is the 9th and I'm gearing up for it. It has been a hot mess with the school this year and it hasn't even started. They are doing this new registration online thing but they didn't send out the login info for the kids yet kept sending emails saying the deadline to register is expiring soon.

    Hopefully the rest of the school year goes w/o a hitch (but having a special needs kid with severe allergies myself I know that is wishful thinking, schools never make it easy).