Thursday, April 4, 2013

Little Bits

Oh My....Since Friday, my world has been one swirl of problem after problem.

Yesterday morning, Bossy asked me if I was going to his Boy Scout Crossingover Ceremony (leaving Cub Scouts and officially becoming a Boy Scout), to be held Wednesday night.

Mom: Well of course I will be there! I wouldn't miss it.

Bossy: OK. I just know you have been busy with XYZ.


I am a good mom, who gets involved because I want my kids to have the best experience they can. But I am done. Stick a fork in me. Due to the actions of ONE person, the past week has been a living hell, and we aren't done yet.

As Sir Walter Scott said: "Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive."

Karma is a bi**h. It will come back to bite ya every time.

I am looking forward to it being over!!!! But that hopefully explains where I have been. I need to update so many things, but for at least several more days, that won't be happening.


Meanwhile, the quick update is that there are lots of kid things happening, and we are realizing the financial implications of it. YIKES. Still figuring out the health stuff. Some big decisions are on the horizon regarding lots of things.

We have a family function the last weekend of the month that I have to deal with. Not fun.

Every weekend from now until Mid-May has something going on.

Crazy man, just crazy.


I will say that I FINALLY did something for myself, and loved it. Trying to figure out a way into making it a more regular thing.

Wow, brain dump royale!


  1. Wow! Hope you do work doing something for YOU into a regular thing. Its good for the soul and gives the brain a good recharge!!!

  2. I've been thinking of something to do for myself, as I'm feeling quite down in the slumps these days. Still haven't figured it out!