Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Here we go....and some misc expenses

We leave tomorrow to go to see Mom and Dad. Without getting into it too much, things have deteriorated 10 fold since Saturday, which not includes my brother (who apparently is drinking too much Mom and Dad Kool-Aid).  I have a blinding headache, and my vision in my right eye is blurred.  I swear...these people are going to be the death of me....which is why I am going to say goodbye.

I called my BFF (a travel agent) to find out what would happen if we didn't go.  UGH.  $150 fee PER TICKET, assuming we reused them (oh hell ya....we just spent $1200!).  She said the sweetest thing to me though.  She said "well, if you don't go to see your parents and your brother.....then you can come and see your sister."  It goes to show you that family is not always about blood. 

Meanwhile, we are so not ready to go.  My avoidance now has come to a head, and poor G-man is stuck holding the bag.

Bossy decided to get sick on Saturday....terrific.  He is on the mend, but it has made for an additional stress.

We did participate in Wings for Autism on Sunday (despite a sick child), and it was INCREDIBLE.  I will post on that another day.....but I can't say enough about how amazing it was.  The one glitch we had at the airport....Bossy got mad at something and threw his backpack down.  Which had his DVD player in it.  Which broke.  So we had to buy a new one.  That was not planned.  I hated "rewarding" his poor behavior, but we NEED that DVD player to keep him calm on the plane.  So we were in a Catch-22.

G-man's birthday was yesterday, and the bright spot on that one was he picked a restaurant that had a promotion going:  Buy a $50 gift card, get a free brunch (worth $20).  I bought 2 GCs, and got 2 brunches for free.  Plus, we have enough left on the GC to pay for the kids' brunch when we go.  So that outing will all taken care of already.

I am supposed to get paid tomorrow, but since I won't be at work to get my check (remember, no direct deposit), I am transfering a few hundred dollars into our account just to cover misc things, and will put it all back when I get my real check.  Oh well.

We get back on Sunday, and believe it or not....the following week is Thanksgiving.  EEK!

Please keep us in your thoughts.  This is going to be one of the hardest weeks of my life!!!!


  1. You are firmly in my thoughts, nothing about this trip (or the prep for it) seems easy. Good luck!

  2. In the wise words of 'Mater' (CARS) "Git 'er done!!!" ;)

  3. Sending you thoughts and prayers. Dealing with family is never easy. You will get through this and then you can focus on your own family. Have a safe trip.And Good luck!

  4. Amen. Family is definitely not only in blood (I'd know!) so that was nice for her to offer that to you guys. Hope the trip is painless. I'll be thinking about you! Just smile. Fake it till you make it. It will only be for a few days.

  5. Sending good thoughts your way for the easiest trip possible!

  6. I am so sorry things are all piling up on you right now. Be strong, like you are...and lots of deep breaths.