Friday, November 2, 2012

Fluffy Friday!

It has been one heck of a week....I know today is Friday, but it doesn't feel like it to me.

Anyway....let's keep it light....

1)  When you were 12 years old....what did you want to be when you grew up?

2)  If you celebrate Christmas....real tree, or artificial?

3)  Furthest you have ever been from "home"?


My answers:

1)  A brain surgeon!  It is really funny now, because I sooooo do not have the temperament to be a doctor.

2)  Both!  Real tree is our main tree, but artificial ones in the other rooms.

3)  I am not well traveled.  I have been to Florida.....which isn't exactly far.

Your turn!!!


  1. 1.An Actress
    2. Artificial --- I always want a real tree, but its never in the budget.
    3. England -- when I was 16

  2. Easy!
    2.Artificial- hate it when they kill real ones..
    3.Patagonia, Argentina

  3. 1. Flight Attendant - wanted travel benefits
    2. Artificial - Multiple ones throughout house
    3. China -2X

  4. A light post is definitely the way to go this week! :-)

    1) A lawyer
    2) We got our first artificial tree last year. I worked on a tree farm for ten years, so this was quite an adjustment for me. We used to just cut a tree out of our yard growing up. We lived in the country, & in Washington, so there were plenty of trees to go around. ;-)
    3) France

  5. 1) I wanted to work at the water company like my father had.

    2) Artificial. I love Christmas decorations! I don't think a real tree would stand up to all we have.

    3) Germany. I took a 17 day trip between my junior and senior years of high school. We went to six European countries and it was wonderful.

  6. 1. I wanted to be a vet - then I watched a stillborn calf that was breach have to be taken out of it's mother at my grandparents ranch and that cured that idea!

    2. Artificial - the real ones always seem to make us have sinus problems

    3. Florida

  7. 1. A traveling missionary or a nun.
    2. Artificial. The closest to a real tree would've been a palm tree, no lie. That would've been messy.
    3. I had fun thinking about this question. The farthest from "home" I've been is either where I was born (Caribbean) or where I currently live (MD), since my "home" is in Chicago.

  8. 1. A teacher. kinda am one though, i get to be a SAHM :)
    2. real. i love charlie brown trees from the mountains, but four young children make that really difficult to get. we usually end up with a real one from the tree lot down the street.
    3. England. Went there for spring break while in college.

  9. 1. An artist who lived on a working farm in Canada.(I was from southern VA so that made little sense, did it?lol)

    2. VERY artificial....A silver pom-pom tree with a revolving color wheel just like we had growing up in the '60s.

    3. Farthest from "home", home being the east coast, would be Mexico and southern CA. I hate flying so unless I take a boat other continents & Hawaii are out for me.

  10. 1) When you were 12 years old....what did you want to be when you grew up?

    An interior designer. :)

    2) If you celebrate Christmas....real tree, or artificial?

    Artificial with HUNDREDS of lights. I LOVE our tree!!

    3) Furthest you have ever been from "home"?

    Florida, USA. :) Disney naturally... lol!

  11. 1. A teacher
    2. Same as you Mysti! I always do a real tree, but since J was in Afghanistan last year I couldn' and ended up buying artificial. Which is AWESOME because now I can put the fake in the front window and the real in the family room :)
    3. Australia. I spent 2 weeks in Canberra and a few days in Sydney with my fastball team in March 2000. Loved it and cannot wait to go back.

  12. This is fun!

    1. an environmental scientist - sort of did for a while, but it lost its luster.
    2. Artificial - sneeze like crazy when a real one is in the house.
    3. UK - just a few months ago.

  13. 1. A nurse or teacher
    2. Artificial
    3. Boston, MA

  14. A Doctor. I would have been a good one but no parental support of any kind,

    Real, we lived in the woods!

    Been to Jamaica, but not really well traveled I guess as the family lives across the whole Us I have been to much of it, but not world travel.

  15. 1. A veterinarian...but then I figured out you have to put animals down and I would cry a river of tears so that plan went out the window.
    2. Artificial.
    3. Mali & Burkina Faso, Africa - I went to visit my ex-boyfriend's family. An incredible cultural & life experience that I will never forget!

  16. 1. A forensic Pathologist
    2. REAL
    3. China

  17. What a fun post! I think another category would be cool: what did you END UP doing when you grew up?

    1. Flight attendant or social worker
    2. Artificial but I LOVE real trees...just too expensive
    3. Ireland /Bermuda/Caribbean