Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat - August 12, 2012

Don't forget to wish Carla and her Hubby a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

Tonight's Chit Chat....

In my next house, I am doing this.  I love my gallery wall now, but this would be so much easier to change around.  No...we aren't moving...yet.  *rolling eyes*

Reading:  PTA stuff.  Trying to get welcome packet ready so we can copy them.  It really isn't very interesting.

Watching: Shark Week started today on Discovery.  So I am sure there will be some Jaws in my future.

Listening to: Family Game Night.  But before was my BFF Dora!  You know, secretly I want to be the map...just so I can sing "I'm the Map, I'm the Map, I'm the Map, I'm the Map....I'm the MAP!!!!!!"  You know you were just singing it in your head....admit it.

Cooking/Baking: I made Chicken Mexican Stew last night, and leftovers were tonight's fare.  I have 2 big zucchini and 2 eggplant that I got from a gal at work.  Gotta decide what to do with them.  Found a Zucchini Brownies recipe that looked good.  And Asian Eggplant.  Or I might make a veggie casserole.

Happy you accomplished today: Cleaned the main bathroom.  I even washed the shower curtain!  I also worked on our Christmas budget.  I am hoping that I will have left over money (right now, I am only using 71% of what we put aside).  Not sure what it would go to....long story.

Looking forward to next week: Doing a real grocery shopping!  All of the food in the fridge can fit on one shelf, and we have a side by side.

Thankful for today: My purple toe nails.  G-man painted them for me last night.  :)

*Bonus question*

When it comes to shopping for clothes for yourself, what item do you have the hardest time saying "no" to
? Honestly...I can say no to anything.  I do so little clothes shopping for myself, I rarely find something that I HAVE to have.


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  2. Reading-Time Magazine

    Watching-tail end of The Wedding Planner-changed from Buried Alive: was just.too.much.nastiness....needed something nice...matthew Mc and JLo are doing the trick!
    Listening -to my doggy snore
    Cooking-Pomodoro sauce for pasta night tonight...made a double batch for a meal later in the month
    Happy I accomplished-Bikram yoga...when I was tempted to stay home and enjoy my last Sunday of summer vacay
    Looking forward to next week-I go back to work...thankful to be a teacher to have such an awesome family schedule...and the honor of working with amazing students
    Thankful-sumer 2012 with my fam...healthy and wonderful children and a hubby who I love
    When shopping for myself I have a hard time saying no to cute and COMFY shoes...emphasis on comfy...not on cute...if I find a pair that feel good, I usually buy 2-3 in different colors.

    1. I haven't tried Bikram...that is the one done in a really hot room, right?

  3. I absolutely LOVE that photo wall!! Simply awesome! I've been thinking about Christmas too...I'm still saving up though. I've bought 3 gifts so far... :)

    1. I am still saving too. But based on how much I will have saved by late November...I am doing ok on the budget. I already know what some gifts will be (homemade gourmet apples!). And I picked up something for a friend. But that is all so far.

  4. Do you know I read somewhere you should wash shower curtains once a week because of how many germs they have? UGH!