Sunday, June 24, 2012

GBU - June 24, 2012

Thank GOODNESS this week is OVER.

The Good:

Good???  Something GOOD happened this week???  This is a tough one.
  • Bossy's room is 90% finished.
  • Got to see my brother.
The Bad:
  • Work is crazy busy....this was soooo NOT the week for other stuff to fall apart.
The Ugly:
  • Several hundred dollars of unplanned expenses.
I PROMISE....I will let you in on the drama tomorrow!!!

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. Oh Mysti, so sorry it was a bad week. I hope you get to relax today and next week is much better!

  2. Usual toward the end of the month I try to get around and visit a few new blogs or ones I don't see on a regular bases ...I came over from Carla's “half dozen daily”..You must be a Client Eastwood fan anyhow my brother in law went to school with him....I'm not into Drama maybe a good Drama club would be ok...Hope your week inproves...If you have time stop by for some coffee.

  3. The Good: Hmmm, having trouble with that one... okay, got it.... The Princess, the Pups and I are all alive and kicking.

    The Bad: No rain for 2 weeks means my rain barrel is on empty and everything is parched, parched parched.

    The Ugly: Thanks to the IRS, the Princess's Financial Aid processing was badly delayed. Later processing means less Aid, so the number crunching has begun!