Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat - May 6, 2012

Another Sunday Night with our Chit Chat hostess with the mostest....Carla!  

Ok....Here are the final contenders for the dress to wear to the wedding.
Leave your vote in the comments!
Dress A - will borrow a shawl for the church
Dress B - tank under the shrug

Reading? Nada...things are getting busier, so no time right now.

Watching?  G-man is home tonight, since he leaves in the morning for a business trip.  I am out of things on the DVR that he will watch, but I may have a movie stashed away.

Listening to?  Do you need to ask?  Kid stuff!

Cooking/Baking?  Here is my finished birthday cake!  I am soooo happy with how it came out.  I made Pina Colada frosting, and it is DELISH.

Happy you accomplished this week?  The house is in reasonable shape.  Not spotless, but enough so that I am happy.  I am hoping to get to the spotless stage before the weekend.  I got some of my blog stuff done, but not all of pardon the transition.  Oh, and I finished the teacher appreciation gifts for tomorrow.  I am still working on the ones for Friday. Here are tomorrow's:

Looking forward to next week?  G-man will be on a business trip, so I get the bed to myself!  I will miss him, but being able to stretch out.....ahhhh.  Plus, he will get extra pay, and OT for the trip. 

Thankful for today? That there was no PTA drama today! was all afternoon on Friday, and started again at 7:50am yesterday (I hadn't even had my coffee yet!).  And that I am done enough for today that I can just chill out tonight without feeling guilty.

Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. The cake looks AWESOME. I vote for dress B, with the shrug.

  2. What color will be the shawl for dress A? I myself would prefer some color on the dresses, so I'd go with B for right now.

    That cake looks awesome! Pina colada frosting? Oh my, that right there sounds to die for. Glad you had an awesome birthday cake!

  3. Both dresses are really cute I would go with B, love the splash of color. Your cake looks so pretty, and sounds wonderfull. Happy BD to you

  4. Personally, I'd go with dress A. But really, whichever you prefer is the winner!

  5. Wow amazing, dress A it is a classic, dress B will date in about 2 years.