Friday, April 20, 2012

Well, THAT will never happen again

In all of my pre-trip checks (only 5 hrs before we leave!), of course I checked our checking account.  I had a few transfers going through today, so I like to make sure they actually were processed.

Plus...we are waiting for the funding for loan.  The system just says "received 4/18/12."  Well that is a big help.  One day I am going to wake up, and there will be 38k in my checkbook.  And granted, it is already spoken for....but how nice for those 90 seconds to see that much money in our account!  Today is not that day.

Anyway, there is a round number in our checking account.  Naturally.  It is odd.

I had to run to Walgreens last night, and it came to $16.17.  That transaction set it all in motion.  Since there was $XXX.17 in the account, the debit now made it go to $XXX.00.  Additionally, the transfers worked it out (and mind you....these transfers have nothing to do with each other...they were made in an odd increment because that was what was appropriate) that now the balance is:


It is very weird. It is one thing if I had to transfer some contrived number to make that happen.  I also pay my bills in round numbers (for easier math when balancing the checkbook).  But one transaction messes all of that up.

But naturally.....just by the normal things that needed to be done.....our account is in a round state of Zen.



  1. I'm a numbers person myself and love it when things work out like this. I pay all of my bills in whole dollar amounts, too. I like the way it looks when I check it online. :)

  2. I wish a lot of my bills were like that too. But the only thing I can get in even numbers is my gasoline bill! Have fun on your trip. Stay safe!

  3. I always round up as! Here I thought that I was the only "weird" one! ;)

  4. I do the same thing, funny, wonder how many folks do the sme

  5. I always round up to the nearest dollar on bills. Or to the nearest 10.00 mark.

  6. I do this too. For some reason, it makes me feel in control of our budget. I go online to see our account every day and round it out before the end of the day. If for example, our balance is $2728.44, I'll transfer $3.44 to our Mastercard, so our balance is a nice even $2725. This does two things: keeps our account balance even and at the time our Mastercard payment is due, it's always lower, or paid off and then what we owe on that day is lower. We always pay it off in full but it's kind of fun to pay it every day!

  7. Mine has been ALL the same digit for several days! It's so weird! $x,xxx.xx

  8. Wait....are you going to sesame place that is only 30 short minutes from my home...MY HOME....I MEAN...well yeah I guess its a family vaca and all that but we will be in the same area code!

    have a wonderful time