Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I am not the most patient person.  I have infinite patience for some things....and NONE for others.  And one of my biggest peeves is having to WAIT for others to get their stuff together.  GRRRR.

We have applied for our loan, and received the standard "we have received your stuff...." reply.  Per the reply, it will be processed in 7-10 business days from date of receipt.  We know we submitted everything on 3/26, but that doesn't mean that is the date of receipt for them.  We didn't get that response until 3/30 or 3/31.  So if we use 3/30 as "date of receipt," then the loan should fund no later than 4/13.

That is another 10 days.  Granted, that is the long side of things.  But let's get the show on the road.  Meanwhile, we keep paying the bills that are due, and will see what the pay off amounts will be when the loan funds.  Wait, wait, wait.

Additionally, I have an aunt who is terminally ill (she has been battling brain cancer for about a year, and the doctors have said there isn't anymore they can do).  My mom hasn't been able to determine from her brother (my uncle), how much time we are looking at.  There seems to be some conflicting information....most likely because my uncle is not fully hearing what is being said.  I am not close with my aunt and uncle, but of course when the time comes...I will go to pay my respects. 

I asked my mom what their (my Parents) plans will be when the time comes.  She didn't know.  Now, I realize that she isn't supposed to have it all together...but my parents are famous for "not imposing" and setting my world into a tailspin.  I finally managed to determine that they will most likely come to visit for a few days after the funeral.  Obviously....no one knows WHEN this will be, but at least have a clue that will happen.

I also need to add....I was raised Jewish (although I am not practicing....I lead a more alternative spiritual life).  In Judiasm, burial usually takes place within 24 hrs of death.  Unless that falls on a holiday or Sabbath.  So everything happens FAST. 

And we are waiting on the school to figure out when our future planning meeting will be held.  Bossy's annual paperwork is due 4/26.  We have Spring Break next week.  Let's get the show on the road, people!!  We are trying to do the future planning meeting BEFORE we have to write up his annual.  If we have to write the annual, THEN do the future planning, there is a good chance that we will have to CHANGE his paperwork again.  So that means another meeting.  Why am I the only one that sees that is so inefficient???

What are you waiting for today??


  1. We're waiting for our home repair guy to come back from Myrtle Beach to build office doors for my husband because he works from home. I can't get him to give me an estimate any time he does work (and he always undercharges me, so I hate to complain), but I want to know how much we are looking at so that I can plan on how much of our tax return will go to that and how much will go to pay debt. I asked him weeks ago for an estimate and he never got back to me. Frustrating.

    I am also waiting (happy thing) for my parents to come up from South Carolina to visit on Thursday. I haven't seen them since the beginning of February, so that's awesome.

    And I'm waiting for my vision to clear up after a very bad allergic reaction to some eye makeup I won at a fundraiser. It's gorgeous, expensive, and looked great until my eyes got all goopy and I couldn't make tears and they got really bloodshot and blurry. Now I have this expensive makeup and I can't go out in public today because the light hurts and I don't want people to think I went on a 24 hour bender.

    I think everyone is waiting for something and it's ALWAYS frustrating. Nothing is more frustrating than when we are waiting on other people to do something they were supposed to do but keep procrastinating.

  2. we are still waiting for the builders to do a quote on the front balcony! The first lot said they'd send it in January. the second lot were meant to come and do a month ago. Grrrr!! obviously they are not in need of the money and I need try some others for quotes

  3. Sounds like you have a lot on the go right now! What am I waiting for? Nothing really... :) I'll just take it as it comes I guess! lol!

  4. Not waiting for anything myself, but I hope your wait comes to a (good) end soon.